Definition of draw something down in English:

draw something down

(also draw down)

phrasal verb

  • 1Reduce the size of a military force in an area.

    ‘more had to be done before the US could begin to draw down its forces in any significant number’
    ‘we need to start letting them stand on their own feet, and that isn't going to happen until we start drawing down’
    • ‘It is an odd army that responds to attack by drawing down its forces, but that is exactly what has been happening.’
    • ‘He has announced he will start drawing down the 3,000 Italian troops in September.’
    • ‘The United States has several time tables to draw down troop strength.’
    • ‘If we draw down, do you promise to keep the peace?’
    • ‘Unless there is a political resolution of the problem, as American forces draw down, the pot could well start to bubble up again.’
    • ‘We are going to devote more and more troops to getting their security forces "trained and ready", such that we can draw down our forces and hand over the country.’
    • ‘The British were already planning to draw down their troops from 9,000 to 2,000 in the next nine months.’
    • ‘Of course, it should be remembered that the Pentagon has wanted to draw down its troop numbers radically in the past.’
    • ‘There are good reasons to fund the country's experiment in democracy, even as the U.S. draws down its military forces there.’
    • ‘The flag of 20 Armoured Brigade will be lowered as British combat patrols come to an end and our armed forces prepare to draw down.’
    • ‘This has nothing to do with drawing down the American military presence overall in that part of the world, does it?’
    • ‘The military is forcing them to draw down, and they probably will for practical and domestic political reasons.’
    • ‘Hungary has already decamped, and Holland, the Ukraine, Poland and others are drawing down their troops or leaving altogether.’
    • ‘We want to draw down our forces, but the President is prepared to tough this one out.’
    • ‘So, you expect that things will be stable, if we draw down.’
    • ‘When is the U.S. military going to be able to begin drawing down its forces and bringing them home?’
    • ‘The administration has little choice but to start drawing down troop strength, starting next spring.’
    • ‘Before the war they expected to draw down troop levels to around 30,000 by now.’
    • ‘As the United States military involvement here draws down, so, too, does their influence.’
    • ‘Would it have made a difference if the UN had stayed longer, if we had not drawn down our forces too quickly?’
    1. 1.1 Withdraw money from a fund or loan facility.
      ‘I'm not actually going to be drawing down any of the loan until early 1999’
      ‘she would have to draw down on her $253,000 investments at a rate of 7.2 per cent’
      • ‘Each policy remains in force until it is drawn down at retirement age.’
      • ‘States have resorted to every available measure to cover their expenses, including tax increases, service cuts, and drawing down reserves.’
      • ‘As domestic savings have been drawn down to virtually nothing, the US has looked abroad for capital.’
      • ‘The company has drawn down $5.3 billion of its $7 billion bank credit line.’
      • ‘You can't draw down 18% a year from your investment account and expect it to last.’
      • ‘Upon retirement, an individual is entitled to draw down 25 per cent of the value of the trust fund without incurring a tax charge.’
      • ‘Once approved you must then ensure that you draw down the grant at the earliest possible opportunity.’
      • ‘With most personal loans, you make your first repayment one month after you draw down your loan.’
      • ‘If a first-time buyer is having great difficulty saving the 10 per cent deposit that is required to draw down a mortgage, one option to consider is a 95 per cent loan.’
      • ‘Not only are the gains and income of a pension fund untaxed until drawn down, contributions to the fund are also tax-deductible.’
      • ‘An aging population meant fewer workers were paying into the system, while more elderly people were drawing down pensions.’
      • ‘As a single guy, he was able to live frugally, drawing down his personal savings to fund the necessities: rent on a small one-bedroom apartment, groceries, electricity.’
      • ‘Despite pessimists' fears, the U.S. is not drawing down national wealth to pay for imports.’
      • ‘Your rate will be fixed on the day that your mortgage is drawn down.’
      • ‘What's more, you can draw down your pension in stages, allowing it to start small and build up over time.’
      • ‘Some 70 million baby boomers will soon draw down trillions in government payments.’
      • ‘In some industrial and construction loans the amount lent may be drawn down by the borrower in instalments within an agreed period.’
      • ‘With his wife still working, the husband shouldn't have to draw down all his retirement stash.’
      • ‘The retirement of the baby boom generation is closer - we will soon be drawing down those surpluses in Social Security and Medicare.’
      • ‘You can still take the traditional route and, having drawn down your 25 per cent tax free lump sum, simply invest in an annuity.’
    2. 1.2 Withdraw water, oil, or gas from a reservoir or repository.
      ‘the state began drawing down some of its stored water’
      • ‘A growing population means more wells drawing down water supplies.’
      • ‘Making matters worse for jittery oil traders is the growing suspicion that the major oil fields are being drawn down prematurely by secondary extraction techniques, like water injection.’
      • ‘They do not draw down water levels in the stream significantly within a single growing season.’
      • ‘Fossil fuel is a finite energy source, and we are perilously close to drawing down all known oil and gas reserves to the point that production can no longer meet demand.’
      • ‘Our state's reservoirs and soil profiles were drawn down this summer.’
      • ‘Oil consumption by modern industrial society will draw down current and potential supplies in a predictable way.’
      • ‘Adding to this gloomy scenario is the fact that reservoirs in northeastern Colorado have been drawn down substantially.’
      • ‘We have to be careful about drawing down resources, processing, using, and recycling them.’
      • ‘This enormous demand must of course draw down the water on that short line of canal, render it shallow, and its navigation impracticable.’
      • ‘The world is drawing down its oil reserves at an unprecedented rate.’
      • ‘The only reason we can get away with our impact on the planet is there are still stocks of forests, fish, soils and water to draw down.’
      • ‘California has already surpassed its water allotment and has begun drawing down water levels from reservoirs along the river.’
      • ‘Most notably, recent complex maneuverings to help California find more water mean that the reservoirs behind the river's dams have been drawn down under a revised definition of "surplus criteria."’
      • ‘Geologist David Bainbridge of Alliant International University also points out that there are scant few penalties against users who draw down water tables or deplete aquifers.’