Definition of draw someone out in English:

draw someone out

phrasal verb

  • Gently or subtly persuade someone to talk or become more expansive.

    ‘she drew me out and flattered me’
    • ‘Delia's final summary: ‘The sessions have been very motivating and positive and Susan and I were on the same wavelength; she made me relaxed and drew me out well.’’
    • ‘‘Mary has been very good with her, drawing her out of herself and making sure she doesn't just hide away in the bedroom,’ she said.’
    • ‘But Hill drew him out, helped him clarify his clichés and energise his anecdotes.’
    • ‘The real question is, what will happen if Paul Bremer draws him out on his approach to democracy?’
    • ‘If he said exactly the same thing in a dozen interviews, it was an indication that reporters were all asking the same questions, and then not drawing him out enough.’
    • ‘And during that time, Bhima transforms Tim's life, drawing him out, teaching him to be a father.’
    • ‘Millar draws him out on the concept of reconciliation.’
    • ‘We always have a problem drawing him out, but we keep inviting him back.’
    • ‘She could never, however, draw Gonzales out on what Juan's secret occupation was.’
    • ‘I don't think there was any problem in drawing Kirk out about any of his dalliances, his affairs.’
    encourage someone to talk, get someone to talk, persuade someone to talk, put someone at their ease
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