Definition of draughtsmanship in English:



  • See draughtsman

    • ‘Within a year or so, he had moved to the nearby village of Ermington and the notebooks he kept in the 1960s reveal his remarkable draughtsmanship, his deep love of the local countryside and his delight in the rural community.’
    • ‘And so he continues; playing with our perceptions of context and meaning in works of breathtaking beauty and peerless draughtsmanship.’
    • ‘The quality of the draughtsmanship of cartoons was spectacular.’
    • ‘They know the importance of the model rules and good draughtsmanship.’
    • ‘I know there's infinitely more to painting than just good draughtsmanship, but get close to the guy's hair, his eyelashes, the shadow of his eyelashes, and all the flora in the near foreground.’