Definition of drama-documentary in English:



  • A television film based on real events.

    • ‘Some relatives were in tears and too upset to talk, others were visibly emotional after watching the two-hour drama-documentary, to be broadcast on July 9.’
    • ‘The BBC follows its heady drama with a lavish new drama-documentary this autumn.’
    • ‘This drama-documentary explores the life behind the hidden identities, the scandals and the rumours which surrounded George Eliot's private and professional life.’
    • ‘Last month he appeared in a drama-documentary about poverty.’
    • ‘Told from the perspective of the decision-makers and the soldiers on the ground, this drama-documentary follows the incredible race against time to save the Allied army trapped in France.’
    • ‘The Conductor presents a major drama-documentary about the life and genius of Beethoven.’
    • ‘The drama-documentary series tells the story of the Army's rearguard who valiantly held a last line of defence, allowing hundreds of thousands of others time to escape.’
    • ‘It is a new drama-documentary series which proposes various ideas about what the future could be like if society doesn't change its ways.’
    • ‘This drama-documentary is set in the three weeks from the first test explosion in New Mexico to the eventual dropping of the bomb, and shows what it was like to live through a nuclear explosion.’
    • ‘Accompanying the drama-documentary, this programme presents the astonishing facts behind the Earth-shattering eruption of Krakatoa back in 1883.’
    • ‘In the first of a two-part drama-documentary, we finally hear their side of the story.’
    • ‘He describes the film as a drama-documentary.’
    • ‘The writer and broadcaster presents this drama-documentary which examines what made Turner tear up the rule book of his predecessors to produce some of the most revolutionary and influential works of art ever created.’
    • ‘Here, he employed a pioneering form of drama-documentary, involving multiple dramatic flashbacks interspersed with archive footage.’
    • ‘The charge of manipulating information is particularly damaging because the play purports to be not a work of the imagination but a kind of drama-documentary.’
    • ‘Take, for example, what will surely become known at future seminars on drama-documentary as The Guitar Scene.’
    • ‘It led news bulletins; the channel ran an hour-long documentary at 9pm and, a few months later, broadcast a two-hour drama-documentary in a prime-time slot.’
    • ‘This fascinating drama-documentary tells the story of her pioneering battle to change ingrained British attitudes to eating, and bring the flavours of the Mediterranean to the austerity of Fifties Britain.’
    • ‘Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in Britain and it's the subject of a drama-documentary tonight.’
    • ‘And since it was based on the actual transcript of the proceedings, it can justifiably claim to be a drama-documentary.’