Definition of drainer in English:



  • 1A device used for draining things.

    • ‘There is an open fireplace with back boiler and the Belfast sink has a tiled drainer.’
    • ‘Anne Ziebold from Ohio has discovered the ideal container: a new oil drainer pan.’
    • ‘During my early childhood, a brick boiler, or ` copper ' as it was called stood in the corner next to the drainer.’
    • ‘Each auto shop was provided with the proper equipment for handling used oil, including double-walled containment tanks, oil filter crushers, drainer containers, and spill response kits.’
    • ‘There are people who say that the drainers are simply moving the problem from their property to someone else's property.’
    1. 1.1 A rack placed on a draining board to hold crockery and cutlery while it drains.
      • ‘Jamie plunked the last glass in the drainer and pulled the drain, watching the foamy water spiral around the sink.’
      • ‘After she had completed this task, and handed her empty dish to Debbie, she took up the dishtowel and waited to be handed a cup or utensil to dry, as the plates were now resting, clean and sparkling, in the drainer.’
      • ‘He put the knife he was washing in the dish drainer and dried his hands on a paper towel.’
      • ‘The kitchen door slammed and a squad of cups lined up on the drainer jumped an inch further to their doom.’
      • ‘Richard picked up a dish out of the drainer and began to dry it.’
      • ‘Tim stacked dishes in the drainer and stared at the phone.’
      • ‘Her gorgeous and smooth hands dipped in and out of the hot water ‘Matthew if you're going to help there is a whole sink full of dry dishes in the drainer.’’
      • ‘He put the last plate into the dish drainer and wiped his hands on the towel.’
      • ‘The water turned off as it reached the top of the sink basin, and Felicity watched transfixed as the dishes washed and dried themselves and put themselves neatly in the drainer rack.’
      • ‘If you run it under hot water you will also find that when you leave it to dry in the cutlery drainer that it will dry off quicker and have fewer streaks.’
      • ‘Once there he claimed he was punched and grabbed a knife off the kitchen drainer because he feared for his own safety.’
      • ‘She turned back to the dish drainer and picked up a mug.’
      • ‘And… do you have any idea how hard it is to buy a kitchen drainer that isn't silver plastic and horrid?’
      • ‘She took the cup she just washed out of the drainer and filled it with apple cider that was in the fridge.’
      • ‘He usually doesn't leave again until at least 11 pm, when all the food has been eaten, the plates are drying on the drainer and the cooker is a lot cleaner than when he arrived.’
      • ‘Hide practical tools, from dish drainers to plastic bottles of anything out of sight and stage the kitchen as carefully as your living room and bedrooms.’
    2. 1.2 A draining board.
      • ‘At DIY shops, you can buy a single bowl with drainer in stainless steel from £21.99.’
      • ‘This streamlined unit has a polished granite work surface and contains ample storage space, a sink with single drainer, hob and dishwasher.’
      • ‘If you rolled your eyes in sarcasm at the mention of polishing up a sink and drainer - so did I, at the outset.’
      • ‘There is a built-in oven, hob and extractor fan as well as an enamel sink and drainer unit.’
      • ‘The utility room features a slate floor, stainless steel sink unit and single drainer.’
      • ‘Steps lead up to the kitchen, which has a range of fitted wooden storage units, an electric oven and hob, and a sink with a single drainer.’
      • ‘Rinsing the glass again, I put it back on the drainer.’
      • ‘There is an open fireplace with back boiler and the Belfast sink has a tiled drainer.’
      • ‘I now have a very nice unused right hand drainer sink going cheap if anyone's interested.’
      • ‘It has floor- and eye-level units, a tiled splashback and a single drainer sink unit.’
      • ‘When it was finally soft enough I poured it into the drainer and shook it around a bit to get rid of any of the excess water, then I went back over to the stove.’
      • ‘When we got home Harry Cat did the ‘Give me a treat, then’ dance on the counter top and Dolly the Mega-Cat sat on the drainer watching the tap drip into the basin.’
      • ‘With an almost instantaneous deflation of her aplomb, she shot off the drainer, out of the kitchen door and off onto the patio, complaining loudly all the way.’
      • ‘The kitchen has a double drainer sink unit and a shelved larder.’
  • 2A person who drains a flooded area.

    • ‘From drainer to entertainer, he lifts the lid on the toilet seat of Show Biz!’
    • ‘There are people who say that the drainers are simply moving the problem from their property to someone else's property.’