Definition of drainage in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action or process of draining something.

    ‘the pot must have holes in the base for good drainage’
    ‘the drainage of wetlands’
    • ‘Ventilation and drainage of their secretions is essential for proper functioning.’
    • ‘A perforated plastic plate was taped over the base of the pots to retain the growth medium and assist drainage.’
    • ‘The deep ruts were dug to improve drainage so that more of the Yorkshire Dales National Park could be used for agriculture.’
    • ‘The ECB is also considering improving drainage of the outfield as a second phase of the development project.’
    • ‘The Steinbach field, through better drainage is drier and was quite adequate to play on in the weekend.’
    • ‘Hydrostatic pressure can build up behind a stone wall if there is inadequate drainage at the base.’
    • ‘The flow ceases when sufficient drainage has occurred to recover the effective stress.’
    • ‘An improved system has been installed since the course was built and sand is regularly spread over the course to aid drainage.’
    • ‘However, it extends across the mountain massif to include part of the western flowing Dyfi drainage.’
    • ‘It has more to do with efficient drainage to the east and inefficient drainage through their community.’
    • ‘The establishment of retention ponds to slow the rate of drainage downstream is a possibility.’
    • ‘Bladder injury during colposuspension requires formal surgical closure and drainage for five days.’
    • ‘Over 250 players used the pitches every week but poor drainage has put them out of bounds for the past two seasons.’
    • ‘Only in the west, on the Isle of Purbeck, did some minor southward drainage develop across the monocline.’
    • ‘He used the basic Roman system of strong foundations, with layers of rocks, stones and gravel to aid drainage.’
    • ‘The terrain here is flat, and the poor drainage encourages the creation of wetlands and bogs.’
    • ‘He also drove bulldozers that excavated the lands preparing it for drainage.’
    • ‘The main cause of surgical failure is postoperative scarring of the drainage channel and drainage bleb.’
    • ‘He employs up to 60 casual labourers at a time for his land drainage business.’
    • ‘Pressure inside the eye becomes too high, the result of an obstruction to the normal flow and drainage of fluid.’
    oozing, seeping, trickle, trickling, drip, dribble, flow, issuance, discharge, excretion, escape, leak, leakage, bleeding, sweating, welling, leaching, filtration, percolation, secretion
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    1. 1.1 A system of drains.
      ‘they set about renewing and repairing drainage and water supplies’
      • ‘There are three types of water flow in karst drainage systems: conduit, fissure, and diffuse.’
      • ‘Shrubs and bushes will be used to create the hilltop wetlands by blocking drainage ditches dug by sheep farmers.’
      • ‘Cut five drainage holes in the base sheet and through each stick a 4cm length of broom handle.’
      • ‘Work on the new hurling pitch is progressing very well with drainage being put in at the moment.’
      • ‘They also said that not enough open space, appropriate drainage or provision for affordable homes was included.’
      • ‘Also it is a good idea to provide a bit of the old drainage to the base of the walls before you backfill.’
      • ‘New drainage, lighting and an extra passing place will also be added.’
      • ‘These pools can be eliminated by repairs or improvements to the water supply or drainage system.’
      • ‘The Environment Agency will also have to approve the hard surface and drainage arrangements.’
      • ‘The higher weir was developed as part of the ongoing River Nore drainage works.’
      • ‘It appears that more than three million plumbing and drainage emergencies are anticipated this year.’
      • ‘Residents fear the current plans are too close to their own homes, need additional drainage and create too much traffic.’
      • ‘The work being carried out on the JubileePlaying Fields will be to install drainage and level the current pitches.’
      • ‘It is building clinics, installing drainage and improving water supplies.’
      • ‘Sewage is slopped out into the surface water drainage system through the roadside gullies.’
      • ‘It was literally a farmer's field so it was a case of buying the land and building in changing rooms, drainage and that kind of thing.’
      • ‘The same is also true of sewers and drainage systems, many of which were not repaired when they became blocked.’
      • ‘The house has neither drainage nor a water supply, so these will need to be added early in any renovation.’
      • ‘The drainage consists of a layer of membrane, shaped like egg boxes, laid over the roofing felt, then covered by a foot of soil.’
      • ‘Report on drainage progress will be contained within next month's report.’
      discharge, emission, release, outflow, outflowing, outpouring, outrush, rush, flood, deluge, spurt, jet, cascade, stream, torrent, gush
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