Definition of dracaena in English:



  • A tropical palmlike shrub or tree with ornamental foliage, popular as a greenhouse or indoor plant.

    Genera Dracaena and Cordyline, family Agavaceae. See also dragon tree

    • ‘Cut back dracaenas if you want a more bushy, multi-stemmed plant.’
    • ‘Roxanne has replaced some of the original plantings with palms, bamboo, dracaenas, and other large-scale tropicals that are thought of as houseplants in colder climates.’
    • ‘We also grow other dracaena varieties as potted, indoor plants.’
    • ‘Strictly speaking, it's a cordyline, not a dracaena, but that's not important.’
    • ‘The nursery is currently being used to produce ornamentals such as plumeria, monstera, and dracaena.’


Modern Latin, from Greek drakaina, feminine of drakōn ‘serpent, dragon’ (the genus Dracaena includes Dracaena draco, the dragon tree).