Definition of downy in English:


adjectivedownier, downiest

  • 1Covered with fine, soft hair or feathers.

    ‘the baby's downy cheek’
    • ‘It was the first time I had ever seen myself with flaws, features, eyelashes, freckles, and most surprising, really soft brown, downy skin.’
    • ‘The wild peach is like the commercial version, yellow with red blush, downy skin, and gently grooved.’
    • ‘It is an elegant tree with green and white downy leaves.’
    • ‘Verbascum bombyciferum, for example, will grow 1.8m / 6ft tall or more with long spikes covered in soft yellow flowers rising from rosettes of large, downy leaves.’
    • ‘The only problem is later in June when flowering is over and mildew sets in but that is another time and for the moment we can enjoy the soft downy leaves and clusters of lovely blue flowers.’
    • ‘This new fossil suggests that these dinosaurs may not have had scaly, reptile-like skin, but perhaps had a softer, downy coat.’
    • ‘Relieved that he had finally left, she went over to the baby and caressed his downy cheek.’
    • ‘When Christian does not protest and only peers back unblinkingly, Lucas allows his hand to lightly graze the downy skin of Christian's cheek before gingerly laying it upon the blonde's hand.’
    • ‘As the car wound its way through the sidestreets, I looked out and noticed a family of Canada geese, complete with downy babies, following the edge of the road into another park.’
    • ‘Unripe fruit have a downy skin, while ripened fruit have the smooth texture of its relatives.’
    • ‘With that Nat suddenly produced from inside his jacket a little downy bird, who blinked and ruffled his feathers, looking very plump and sleepy and scared.’
    • ‘Her blue eyes shone at him; her downy cheeks were pink; she smelled of some soft cologne that made him nostalgic, though he didn't know for what or whom.’
    • ‘Their small, flat heads and long necks are downy and their plump bodies are covered with soft feathers.’
    • ‘He squeezed Squire tightly, holding him in his muscular arms, letting Squire's cheek rub against his downy neck.’
    • ‘Inconspicuous flowers appear in spring followed by soft, downy, grey-green fruits.’
    • ‘With their long, silky hair and downy undercoat, matting is common.’
    1. 1.1 Soft and fluffy.
      ‘pale downy hair’
      • ‘Her coat was soft, a curious combination of silky fur and downy feathers near the mane and tail.’
      • ‘Lower leaves have downy hairs and clasp the stem.’
      • ‘White hair blows forward on to his temples, flutters like downy feathers over his ears.’
      • ‘Cashmere is the fine, downy wool that grows beneath the coarse outer layer of hair, called the guard hair, of the cashmere goat.’
      • ‘Her small head is covered with downy, dark curls.’
      • ‘The re-growth can be any texture and colour, from fine, downy, white hair to your natural look.’
      • ‘Lanugo - a coat of delicate, downy hairs, especially those that cover a human infant.’
      • ‘I used to have soft, downy hair on my legs when I was 13, but my peer group persuaded me to shave it off.’
      • ‘I said I didn't think it would be a big deal, everyone has that fine downy, near-invisible hair.’
      • ‘If the hair is fairly fine and downy, either on the upper lip or the cheeks, then bleaching is by far the best solution.’
      • ‘The boy was identical to her in features save that his hair was downy and shoulder length.’
      • ‘Mold is the common term used to describe a downy or furry growth on the surface or organic matter, caused by fungi, especially in the presence of dampness and decay.’
      • ‘Both artists emphasized Rosina's downy hair and regal profile - her straight nose, full lips, and firm chin.’
      • ‘The feathers are all fluffy and downy, too soft to even make a pillow out of.’
      • ‘I kissed his forehead, and saw that I had dampened some of his soft, downy hair on his head.’
      • ‘With green eyes that matched his mother and brother, downy blond hair, and a round, chubby face with nearly dime-sized dimples, he looked every bit identical to Michael when he was a child.’
      • ‘Speaking of hair, Ollie is still losing his first dark locks and some lovely downy light brown hair is taking its place.’
      • ‘The intriguing thing about ‘Ever Red’ is its spring growth, which emerges covered with fine, downy hairs so that the emerging growth looks almost gray.’
      • ‘Snow fell steadily from the smooth gray sky, coating the ground in downy white.’
      • ‘Their bodies were covered with downy feathers, which provided insulation in the cooler environment of the trees.’
      • ‘Looking into her eyes and reaching up a bit nervously, I take my hand and rub the backs of my fingers through the soft downy fur of her cheek, avoiding her whiskers which might be sensitive, and the blood on her muzzle.’
      • ‘The sun was shining brightly, illuminating the soft, downy clouds that floated aimlessly about in the clear blue skies.’
      • ‘His feathers are downy and fluffy, juvenile like a fledgling bird.’
      soft, velvety, smooth, fleecy, fluffy, fuzzy, feathery, furry, woolly, silky, silken, satiny
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    2. 1.2 Filled with soft feathers.
      ‘a downy pillow’
      • ‘He walked upstairs and set his alarm to wake him before the sun then laid on his downy soft, white bed.’
      • ‘Falling back against the downy pillows, he rolled over to the phone and picked it up.’
      • ‘I sat, leaning against a mound of downy pillows and the high, intricately carved headboard of the massive bed on which I reposed.’
      • ‘He told me to lie down and rest while he cleaned up, so rather than argue with him, I took advantage of the small break and fell upon the pillows, rubbing my burning eyes into the downy cushion.’
      • ‘I should be in a padded room with a soft downy bed and a botanical garden.’
      • ‘A long time later found Harp lying down in a downy bed with soft, white sheets.’
      • ‘Amy nodded deferentially and kicked off her shoes, settling into the soft, downy bed, leaving the door flung wide open.’
      • ‘And so it was that the first night passed, and Marigold found herself settling down into the softest downy mattress.’
      • ‘Beds have mega downy pillows and soft cotton sheets changed daily.’
      • ‘She cried as she flopped down onto the soft, over-stuffed, feather mattress and covered herself in the downy pillows.’
      • ‘He was lying on his back, in the midst of the soft downy blanket.’
      • ‘She would be nestled in the downy pillow she loved so dearly.’
      • ‘Picking up a nearby downy pillow Lee hurled it at him.’
  • 2dated (of a person) shrewd; sharp.

    ‘I told you she was a downy one’
    shrewd, sharp, astute, acute, canny, worldly-wise, knowing, clever, sharp-witted, quick-witted, nimble-witted, wily
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