Definition of downwardly in English:



  • Towards a lower level; in a downward direction.

    • ‘The lower formation 44 comprises a downwardly opening channel 46 having a pair of opposed internal projections 48 that extend towards each other but do not meet.’
    • ‘When it is inclined downwardly to the right as shown in Figure 9, the precompression is [excessive].’
    • ‘In early June, the Bureau of Labor Statistics downwardly revised projections for white-collar job growth for 2002-2003, based on accelerated job migration.’
    • ‘The number of genome equivalents may be larger because the average insert size of 34 kb may be downwardly biased due to comigrating bands that may have been counted as one fragment.’
    • ‘And the process of downwardly constituting them in this way will be understood not as a problem in the system of allocating educational opportunity but as a perhaps natural outgrowth of group differences in ability measured early in life.’
    • ‘The annular depression has an air intake hole that extends downwardly to connect to an integrally formed extended air intake tube to guide the air deep into the feeding bottle so as to balance the air pressure inside the bottle.’
    • ‘The downwardly un-mobile may pump gas, wash dishes, trim hedges or do any number of other low-pay, no-benefit jobs.’
    • ‘The present invention relates to an iris recognition system which can extract an iris image of the user, by upwardly and downwardly rotating around a hinge bracket in order to be exactly rapidly controlled to a position of the user's eyes.’
    • ‘Is it, in classic panic-attack fashion, our own damn fault that things spiraled downwardly?’
    • ‘The older adults downwardly shifting financial status also add to their invisibility.’
    • ‘This year's semiconductors sales are set for a double-digit decline on 2000, according to the latest downwardly revised forecasts from analysts.’
    • ‘He is in a difficult situation, because this is the second time he has downwardly revised growth figures.’
    • ‘She gazed downwardly at the desk for a moment, sorting through the last few moments of information.’
    • ‘Just a few weeks ago, we saw Ericsson and others downwardly revise their outlook for the market.’
    • ‘The downwardly curved petiole twists away from the wind, so its ventral surface points downwind.’
    • ‘In response to the comparison, the pH of the feed water is either maintained or is changed upwardly or downwardly to produce high purity water having the desired resistivity.’
    • ‘This will mean that in rural areas for some locations the number of beds that can be reached will be upwardly biased, while for other locations in the same area the number of beds that can be reached will be downwardly biased.’
    • ‘He downwardly punches the air to exclaim his point.’
    • ‘It is possible that this downwardly biased the genetic correlation estimates.’
    • ‘Their downwardly tapering bases must reflect the fact that they were driven into the ground.’