Definition of downvote in English:



[with object]
  • (in an online context) register disapproval of or disagreement with (a post or poster) by means of a particular icon.

    ‘I had to resist the urge to downvote the first serious comment’
    ‘you can downvote me all you want, but the refereeing this season has been absolutely deplorable’
    no object ‘if you want to downvote, go ahead’
    • ‘We just downvote everyone we disagree with.’
    • ‘Please watch the video before you downvote or make comments without understanding the history or purpose.’
    • ‘If you offer an opinion, someone will likely disagree and downvote.’
    • ‘I agree actually, which is why I personally didn't downvote him.’
    • ‘Someone is working overtime with his multiple accounts to downvote you.’
    • ‘However still rather annoying that we can't upvote or downvote comments.’
    • ‘You, of course, are free to not find it funny and downvote or reply as you see fit.’
    • ‘I can't downvote yet but I'm hoping others will step in and do it.’
    • ‘Why downvote a person for suggesting you keep insurance on your car at all times?’
    • ‘I was speaking in general for whoever did downvote my comment!’
    • ‘I downvote you for being an ignorant, overreacting, emotional wreck over arbitrary ranking.’


  • (in an online context) an instance of using a particular icon to register disapproval of or disagreement with a post or poster.

    ‘there is absolutely nothing in his comment that deserves a downvote’
    ‘I am making it my mission to counter every downvote you are given for critiquing his grammar’
    • ‘A downvote troll or two is out in force, and apparently doesn't like it when you (or anyone) posts facts.’
    • ‘It's a small distance from the upvote arrow to the downvote arrow.’
    • ‘Does the downvote cancel out their comment then or not?’
    • ‘Simply disagreeing with someone does not constitute a downvote.’
    • ‘Didn't we used to have downvote buttons?’
    • ‘You get 2 points for each upvote and lose one point for each downvote.’
    • ‘You got a downvote because people want the right to judge and a rule to judge it by.’
    • ‘Hell, there are people out there who give me a downvote every time they see my name.’
    • ‘I should give you a downvote for that comment.’
    • ‘What did he say that constitutes a downvote?’
    • ‘It was someone else pointing out this this comment did not deserve the downvote.’