Definition of downspout in English:



North American
  • A downpipe.

    • ‘Water from this melting is trapped and creates an ice dam on the roof, gutters and downspouts.’
    • ‘These can drain into your gutters and downspouts and clog them up.’
    • ‘Also, if you have a roof with multiple levels, the downspouts from an upper level gutter should never dump directly onto the roof below - the heavy, direct flow of water can damage the wood and lead to leaks.’
    • ‘As with the roofing, make sure that lead-based solder was not used in gutter or downspout connections.’
    • ‘If your barrel has a lid, cut a hole in it where the new downspout elbow will drain into it.’
    • ‘Connect the downspouts to underground tubing, piping the water directly to the pond.’
    • ‘Repair leaking pipes, gutters and downspouts, cracked windows, a problem roof, deteriorated brick, masonry pointing, or cracked walls.’
    • ‘Make sure gutters and downspouts are clear and rain water away from foundation.’
    • ‘The tub's symmetrical design puts the valve, downspout, and soap shelf in the middle.’
    • ‘It must tie into the existing roof, and you must take roof lines, valleys, run-off, gutters, downspouts and drainage into consideration.’
    • ‘The price of the downspouts will be included in your estimate, but make sure the contractor has discussed downspout locations and options for water disposal with you so you know what to expect before the job starts.’
    • ‘To prevent things from going down the downspout, there are downspout strainers.’
    • ‘Also, prevent leaks by keeping your gutters clean, and make sure your downspouts drain well away from your home.’
    • ‘Then, in the late 1960s, farmers switched to the perforated, corrugated plastic pipes that homeowners often use to carry rainwater away from their downspouts.’
    • ‘Add an extension, such as a 5-ft. length of downspout or any of several devices made for this purpose, to the end of each elbow.’
    • ‘In particular, check gutters, downspouts, and landscaping (especially the ground slope) to make sure there are no blockages or problems.’
    • ‘Alternately, attach a length of downspout to the elbow or let the water drop from the elbow onto a concrete or plastic splash block.’
    • ‘One easy thing homeowners can do is disconnect their downspouts, redirecting rainwater from roofs out onto porous ground.’
    • ‘Clean rain gutter and redirect downspout runoff away from the foundation.’
    • ‘Some people prefer to connect their downspout to underground pipes that carry water well away from the house.’