Definition of downhearted in English:



  • Discouraged; in low spirits:

    ‘fans must not be downhearted even though we lost’
    • ‘Nothing to be downhearted about then, just lots of work to do to get the team in good order for the visit to Halifax's Old Crossleyans a week this Saturday.’
    • ‘But the former Cheam High School student who had been one of the favourites to win the tournament was not too downhearted by his defeat.’
    • ‘But we have nothing to feel downhearted about; there are a number of things we've done extremely well and I hope will be carried on, such as the Christmas Star Appeal.’
    • ‘After six months searching, I've got to say I'm getting a bit downhearted about it all.’
    • ‘I haven't got downhearted once because he's always been clear and I've always known what I had to do.’
    • ‘But you can't get too downhearted about something like this.’
    • ‘Just what's needed when everybody is feeling morose and downhearted about the economic situation.’
    • ‘After a few days of unproductive searching, they returned to Shalisa Creek Bay, downhearted and discouraged.’
    • ‘Reading that back now after a little reflection it does sound a bit gloomy, and I wish to make it clear that I am not downhearted, nor do I consider the whole weekend pointless.’
    • ‘However, he felt there was no reason to be too downhearted as he continued to feel his way back to full fitness, having missed the opening months of the season with a shoulder injury.’
    • ‘She didn't think it was a good idea to leave her daughter home alone when she was so downhearted and depressed.’
    • ‘I have to admit I was very downhearted at the time as I didn't think I had been given the opportunities.’
    • ‘The common view is that it was the track which proved his undoing and fans are not at all downhearted by that defeat.’
    • ‘I am not too downhearted because I thought we played better than I expected at this stage of the tournament.’
    • ‘We left feeling elated but soon became downhearted.’
    • ‘Seven days previously they were dispirited and downhearted after being well beaten by Salford yet by Sunday they'd recovered to the point of putting on one of their most complete displays of the campaign.’
    • ‘However, the Irishman was far from downhearted as he looked to a refreshing break and he claimed the destination of the championship was still in Celtic's hands.’
    • ‘But instead of being downhearted, he set out to save the world.’
    • ‘However, the Minstermen were not too downhearted with the 4-1 defeat as they had no fewer than 12 youth trainees in the party against a strong Shrews' line-up.’
    • ‘I've never seen a group as downhearted as we have been in the last few years.’
    despondent, disheartened, discouraged, dispirited, downcast, low-spirited, in low spirits, hopeless, cast down, crestfallen, down, low, disconsolate, in despair, despairing, wretched, oppressed
    melancholy, gloomy, glum, morose, doleful, dismal, woebegone, miserable, depressed, dejected, distressed, sorrowful, sad
    defeatist, pessimistic
    blue, down in the mouth, down in the dumps, as sick as a parrot
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