Definition of Douglas fir in English:

Douglas fir


  • A tall, slender conifer with soft foliage and, in mature trees, deeply fissured bark. It is widely planted as a timber tree.

    Genus Pseudotsuga, family Pinaceae: several species

    • ‘Fir, hemlock and Douglas fir are also sometimes planted.’
    • ‘Bonsai-like Douglas firs and ponderosa pines animate the petrified lava flows of El Malpais National Monument in New Mexico.’
    • ‘He notes carefully the distinctive qualities of particular specimens of goldcup oak, Douglas spruce, yellow pine, silver fir, and sequoia.’
    • ‘In Washington, they are generally found in mature Ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, or mixed coniferous forests with a thick understory.’
    • ‘Lush forests of Douglas firs, Sanqing pine trees and Chinese yew once provided a haven for the Taiping Rebellion in the mid 1800s and communist guerrillas during the 1930s.’
    • ‘Near the community of Evaro, a 150-foot-wide wildlife bridge landscaped with Douglas firs and ponderosa pines will allow animals to cross the highway safely.’
    • ‘So those old, stately cedar, Douglas fir, and sequoia trees that formerly occupied the now-bare site were sacrificed for nothing.’
    • ‘Endophytes have turned up in every plant tested, from Douglas firs and grasses to mosses and liverworts, says Arnold.’
    • ‘It also features Ireland's tallest tree, a Douglas fir growing in the Powerscourt Estate in Wicklow.’
    • ‘The distribution of tree species will change, and fire-resistant ponderosas will likely survive where Douglas firs and white pines may not.’
    • ‘Temperatures were near 100, and drought had oven-baked the forest's Douglas firs, ponderosa pines, and cedars.’
    • ‘The nursery offers other conifers, including Colorado blue spruce, deodar cedar, Douglas fir, and coast redwood.’
    • ‘This means the timber industry will get to haul off giant Ponderosa pines and Douglas firs that are hundreds of years old and provide habitat to some of the rarest wildlife species in the American west, including spotted owls and salmon.’
    • ‘On the other side, follow the path for ten yards and on the left is a sign for Britain's tallest tree, a Douglas fir (the fourth tree on the left).’
    • ‘In about 1/2 mile, the route crosses a small meadow with broad bands of deep purple vetch, then slips back among Douglas firs and coast redwoods.’
    • ‘Blue Grouse are found in open woods or clearings in mature pine or fir and Douglas fir forests at a wide range of elevations, most often at mid-elevations.’
    • ‘Tramp the informal trail looping this tree-ringed pond and you might spot a blue heron or even possibly a pair of nesting bald eagles in tall Douglas firs.’
    • ‘Designed and built in 1970 by the architect David Shelley, the house is set in two acres of oak, Douglas fir, sycamore and silver birch that were once picnic grounds.’
    • ‘These include unusual species such as Scots pine and Lodgepole pine, and Douglas fir and Cork fir.’
    • ‘The three worked closely together to ensure that the new landscape would harmonize with a surrounding woodland of aspens, Douglas firs, ponderosa pines, and river birches.’


Mid 19th century: named after David Douglas (1798–1834), the Scottish botanist and explorer who introduced it to Europe from North America.


Douglas fir

/ˌdʌɡləs ˈfəː/