Definition of doubloon in English:



  • A Spanish gold coin.

    • ‘For a brief instant, he imagined opening the chest to find gold doubloons or the like but then the adult in him rose up and chastised his childish side.’
    • ‘Most valued are the doubloons, aluminum coins about the size of a silver dollar with the krewe's emblem.’
    • ‘So I took my mother's spoons and headed out for the backyard where I proceeded to dig about a zillion holes in the ground searching for gold doubloons.’
    • ‘Look here at this gold doubloon, this ounce of Spanish gold!’
    • ‘In my spare time, I also look for rare Spanish doubloons in Coke machines.’


Early 17th century: from French doublon or its source, Spanish doblón, from doble ‘double’ (so named because the coin was worth double the value of a pistole).