Definition of doormat in English:



  • 1A mat placed in a doorway, on which people can wipe their shoes on entering a building.

    • ‘Those seeking to look beyond outfits can look at cotton doormats, dhurries, aprons, gloves and dining tablemats - some of the many kitchen accessories that are on display.’
    • ‘The doorway next to hers has a green doormat and a pink tricycle propped beside it.’
    • ‘Political messages have been dropping on doormats nearly every day.’
    • ‘I had to brush myself down and stomp my feet on the doormat.’
    • ‘Well, coming back to the exhibition, each stall has something new to offer from doormats to curtains to decoration items.’
    • ‘The first landed on doormats yesterday as part of the biggest ever all-postal voting pilot scheme which is designed to increase turnout.’
    • ‘She passed out carpet samples the size of doormats so we wouldn't be stretched out on the cold tile floor and we'd each gravitate to favorite spots in the room.’
    • ‘A helicopter landing pad covered the roof, an underground port held space for watercraft, and a vacuuming doormat whisked dirt from visitors' shoes.’
    • ‘Leaflets lifting the boil warning were due to arrive on doormats by Friday and plans were also made for loudspeaker announcements until 9pm last Thursday.’
    • ‘Leaflets, reply postcards and background information will drop on people's doormats in the run-up to Christmas to help city politicians set the council tax level.’
    • ‘Finally, you'll need a small rag or doormat to clean your shoes if you're bouldering outdoors.’
    • ‘‘We will be in there before the tax returns fall on to people's doormats on April 7,’ he added.’
    • ‘Wiping your feet on a good doormat reduces the amount of lead in a typical carpet by a factor of six, according to the researchers.’
    • ‘‘Thanks,’ I smile up at Grace and walk into the room, remembering to politely wipe my feet on a doormat.’
    • ‘It consists mainly of fibres, which have traditionally been used to manufacture rope, carpets, doormats, etc.’
    • ‘Town hall bills will land on doormats a month before a general election next May, coinciding with local elections.’
    • ‘At the threshold, the boys carefully wipe their feet, not just on the outside doormat, but on the inside one, too.’
    • ‘Many of the building elements, including floor tiles and rubber doormats, are made from recycled materials.’
    • ‘The group is looking at manufacturing doormats and shoe soles out of recycled footwear.’
    • ‘Polls will start to arrive on your doormats later this month.’
    rug, runner, carpet, drugget
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    1. 1.1 A submissive person who allows others to dominate them.
      ‘to put up with such treatment you must be either a saint or a doormat’
      • ‘People who behave outrageously often get away with it because they know most people are more afraid of conflict than of being doormats.’
      • ‘If your parents are nice people who do not assert themselves, no doubt you will grow up to be one of life's doormats.’
      • ‘But judging by her speech, her own feelings appear to be very personally etched all over her address which included a strong message for women to be anything but doormats.’
      • ‘And we must not, under any circumstance, allow ourselves to become a doormat for the other person.’
      • ‘If you let yourself be treated as a doormat, then people will treat you as a doormat.’