Definition of doorkeeper in English:



  • A person on duty at the entrance to a building.

    • ‘He is alleged to have blocked the path of a doorkeeper and unfurled a banner as the protest took place.’
    • ‘The doorkeeper, unable to refuse such a firm yet polite man, consented at last, giving us his final warning.’
    • ‘The doorkeeper won't let you in if he doesn't like your face.’
    • ‘The doorkeeper was not going to let the fans into the room as they were not 18.’
    • ‘Five of the men managed to get past uniformed doorkeepers and into the chamber, with three others intercepted as they tried to join them.’
    • ‘He is an expert doorkeeper, opening and closing by his will.’
    • ‘He suggested that the ‘men in tights’, the doorkeepers in 18th century outfits who currently guard the entrances to the Commons were no match for the aggressive young men who staged the protest.’
    • ‘She immediately ordered suspension of the sitting as doorkeepers tried to wrestle the men to the ground.’
    • ‘Darwin stood for me like a mighty doorkeeper at the entrance to the temple of the universe.’
    • ‘Except the pawnbroker's, the distiller's, and the undertaker's, the houses are literally ruins; but these doorkeepers to Famine, Disease, and Death, living by the calamities of others, are in a flourishing state.’
    • ‘In a crowded chamber, with more than 400 MPs in their place, the head doorkeeper burst in pointing up to the two men in the gallery above.’
    • ‘These were a doorkeeper, four seated scribes with their document boxes, an overseer and his assistant, and three laborers.’
    • ‘I have to run downstairs because I'm the doorkeeper.’
    • ‘The president made it very clear he would set and direct that budget authority, and that he was the doorkeeper of intelligence.’
    • ‘After a while a friendly doorkeeper appeared and apologised for the malfunction of the automatic door.’
    • ‘‘Hey, you can't come in here,‘the doorkeeper growled, stepping in front of him and blocking his way.’
    • ‘He said he is going to be the doorkeeper of intelligence.’
    • ‘From 1976 to 1983, he was the assistant doorkeeper in the House.’
    • ‘The runner knocked and announced her to the doorkeeper.’
    • ‘The doorkeeper prevents nonparticipants, such as news journalists, from entering the session.’
    doorman, door attendant, commissionaire, gatekeeper
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