Definition of doomy in English:



  • Suggesting or predicting disaster; ominous.

    ‘doomy forecasts’
    • ‘Every band's either got good vibrations or doomy melodrama.’
    • ‘I had tried for cheerful; I came out sounding doomy.’
    • ‘It was going to fight the bill all the way to its doomy, gloomy grave.’
    • ‘I remember vividly how doomy and oily it was, how cavernous and user-unfriendly.’
    • ‘Slowly the mood doesn't exactly lighten but at least becomes less brutal, as the second half sets up a series of doomy love songs.’
    • ‘They eschew the expected doomy onslaught in favour of Southern-flavoured 70s rock.’
    • ‘The second work you see is a pair of paintings by the doomy abstract expressionist.’
    • ‘But when he sings that doomy line, his voice and the melody of the song's hook soars and you find yourself humming or singing the line yourself.’
    • ‘There was a sense of continuing young life within these ancient, grey, rather doomy halls.’
    • ‘And most of them were desperate, and all of them were doomy.’
    • ‘They came across extremely strongly, with their doomy gothic electro which gradually turned dancier and trancier as the set progressed.’
    • ‘The general buoyancy of the advertising market in recent years has dispelled doomy predictions about the prospects for both, but the real action for the past decade and a half has been in the magazine market.’
    • ‘You can tell which way it is going from the first bars of the rousing, early-romantic overture - even if a couple of doomy echoes resurface in the otherwise optimistic finale.’
    • ‘This exciting but doomy thriller was made in 1963.’
    • ‘Or perhaps he was carried away by his own doomy thesis.’
    • ‘The death row he's fabricated is credible, being grim but not operatically doomy.’
    • ‘The mood turns particularly sombre in the closing tracks, in which slower tempos, brooding bottlenecks and a doomy swirl of synthesisers lend gravitas to songs that dwell on destruction and death.’
    • ‘What we wind up with is not a doomy trip-hop soundscape with new styles shoehorned into every track.’
    • ‘Of course, once upon a time it truly was bloody and heart-wrenchingly brilliant, all its ponderous and doomy self-importance notwithstanding.’
    • ‘Despite the relentlessly doomy plot, the score is mercifully varied.’
    ominous, glowering, brooding, sinister, menacing, black, thunderous, dark, wintry, gloomy, heavy, dire, ill, evil, baleful, forbidding, ugly, unpromising, portentous, foreboding, unpropitious, pessimistic, inauspicious, unfavourable, unlucky, ill-fated, dangerous
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