Definition of domaine in English:



  • A vineyard.

    • ‘Growers are also moving strongly in the direction of organic and biodynamic production, with over 30 domaines now officially sanctioned - this should vastly improve the quality of the fruit that producers have to work with.’
    • ‘The domaine's Pinot Noir is wonderful: soft tannins with oodles of baked cherry flavours on the nose.’
    • ‘As the classification in Burgundy is given to the vineyard, not to the château or the domaine, the quality of the wine can vary tremendously when a vineyard changes hands.’
    • ‘The average domaine today is quite small, with a focus on quality over output.’
    • ‘One year I stayed for a few nights in a honey domaine near Carpentras where bees and their hives were carted from lilac field to honeysuckle maze to clover meadow, the juicy fruit of their labors then captured and mixed into thick liquid gold.’
    • ‘These wines can be delicious at two years old, but often age beautifully for up to ten and are best bought domaine bottled.’
    • ‘When it is properly made from a single domaine it is not to be missed.’
    • ‘Even in rural areas such as Burgundy, most of the top wines are now domaine bottled.’
    • ‘You will even be invited to sample the brew in the domaine's own tearoom.’
    • ‘Some domaines, having received high points for one wine, made it their mission to produce others that would please him.’
    • ‘There are now hundreds of individual domaines bottling their own wines and the quality can vary wildly.’
    • ‘This value-for-money, extremely consistent red makes up nearly half of the domaine's total output of six million bottles.’
    • ‘One wine domaine sign succeeded another for 120 miles.’
    • ‘Sue bakes cakes, shells walnuts, makes walnut oil and prepares prunes, which they sell from the domaine and at the local market.’
    • ‘It is a famous wine from a famous domaine, made in a more restrained style than the Corton.’
    • ‘They simply understand that they can sell far more, and reach further into the popular imaginations than as an admittedly fine wine domaine or chateau.’
    • ‘Hi-tech equipment like reverse osmosis systems can be found in giant commercial Australian wineries and small Burgundy domaines.’
    • ‘It is significant, however, that, as the domaine extends its vineyards, many of the new vines planted are Greek varieties, including the recently rediscovered and elegant indigenous white Malagousia.’
    • ‘As well as the wines themselves he did an excellent job of covering the history of the region, the domaine itself and biodynamics.’


French, literally ‘estate’ (see domain).