Definition of dolomitic in English:



  • See dolomite

    • ‘The Barton Creek dolomite is in fact a dolomitic limestone, strongly recrystallized.’
    • ‘The formation attains a maximum thickness of 160 m and contains a variety of lithologies including dolomitic limestones, tuffs, siltstones and shales.’
    • ‘The cavity was in relatively dense dolomitic limestone, suggesting that recovery of undamaged specimens could present a problem.’
    • ‘The section consists of calcareous shale with intercalated sparse limestone beds, dolomitic shales, and some dolostone beds.’
    • ‘If considered irrespective of depth, limestones and dolomitic limestones are more porous than dolostones, whereas at burial depths of greater than 2000 m dolostones are significantly more porous and permeable than limestones.’