Definition of doggy bag in English:

doggy bag


  • A bag used by a restaurant customer or party guest to take home leftover food, supposedly for their dog.

    • ‘So next time you find yourself caught between a rock and a hard place, be sure and ask the restaurant staff if your state allows wine doggy bags!’
    • ‘I now kick myself for not having asked him to demand doggy bags for the meals they did not eat so I could have given them to my menagerie.’
    • ‘That's why I like eating out in New York, where you can leave enough on your plate to feed the state of Texas and all they want to know is whether you'd like a doggy bag.’
    • ‘The newspaper reports that Massachusetts is going to consider legalizing what you might call doggy bags for wine bottles.’
    • ‘Of course, if it hadn't been the Ritz I'd have insisted he ask for a doggy bag to bring home the cakes and sandwiches that didn't get eaten.’
    • ‘Mrs. Shah forced a doggie bag of dry chickpea curry, lemon cashew rice, daal soup and pakoras on me, not that I was an unwilling recipient.’
    • ‘Ask for half of the meal to be placed in a doggie bag before the food is brought to the table.’
    • ‘Otherwise it was great - their cider is the best I've ever had, and I even got a doggie bag for the onion rings.’
    • ‘The price is fair, given that you get at least two courses and will be virtually guaranteed of requesting a doggie bag at the end of it.’
    • ‘The waiters don't even blink when we ask for a doggy bag.’
    • ‘Perhaps the Grill House can hold off on serving your meal until the end of the party - or else package everything for you to take it home in a little foil doggy bag.’
    • ‘The only thing I don't like is when they come back from a restaurant like Crustacean in LA with a doggy bag of lobster and say, ‘Make this.’’
    • ‘I closed my doggie bag and threw it into the trash a few feet away.’
    • ‘As it goes with most international cuisine, it started out hot and luscious and ended up in my freezer, confined to a doggy bag.’
    • ‘To my disappointment, despite the large portions, no doggie bags are available.’
    • ‘We were all offered large doggie bags to take home with us.’
    • ‘I asked for a doggie bag for my dinner, earning a glare from the tailored waiter.’
    • ‘Actually, can you put those in doggy bags for us?’
    • ‘I do hope that Bulgaria starts developing the practice of giving doggie bags, for one's uneaten portions.’
    • ‘Pies consumed and doggie bags filled we got onto the serious part of the night, the drinking, but not before Bobby thanked the sponsor and did the presentation.’
    • ‘And there is always the doggy bag when one realises just what it is that one has ordered.’
    • ‘I put in a few extra goodies on the house, said Kelly with a wink as she handed them their doggie bags.’
    • ‘At the restaurant, either share a mega-size entrée with your date or save half your dinner for the doggy bag.’
    • ‘I went to a steak restaurant up in the Santa Barbara area, and it was so big that I had a doggy bag and it gave me two more meals out of it.’
    • ‘While our meals fell into the latter we found them to be generous and even took home a small doggy bag of prawns.’
    • ‘We couldn't finish it all, and had to make use of doggy bags.’
    • ‘This dish is not for the timid eater, so bring along a doggie bag for the leftovers.’
    • ‘Anything you don't eat you can always take home in a doggie bag, he added.’
    • ‘Restaurants in all the others have started issuing diners with doggy bags for their unfinished wine.’
    • ‘My guess is this restaurant will be like the rest - a huge success - with long waits to get in and satisfied guests walking out with doggie bags.’
    • ‘The festivities start at noon and will last until early evening, when every canine will receive a doggy bag to take home.’
    • ‘If you're having a business lunch and packing a doggy bag might appear unprofessional, then don't order a whole meal.’
    • ‘Order a ‘small,’ split a dish with someone else, or stash half of what you're served in a doggie bag before you start eating.’
    • ‘Being practical people, the doggie bags come with the first course.’
    • ‘So should we leave it or do you want to get it packed in a doggy bag?’
    • ‘Our bill: $12.97 tout compris and we left with doggy bags and bursting to the seams.’
    • ‘I get sad when I see restaurants junking tons of perfectly good food every day - I always ask for a doggie bag when I can't finish my meal.’
    • ‘David, ask for a doggie bag for the kids, we're going.’
    • ‘I figure that we'll just say we went out to get some good food and bring them doggie bags.’
    • ‘I had a doggie bag of Chinese food, which I set on the hood of our rental car.’


doggy bag