Definition of dogberry in English:



  • 1The fruit of the dogwood.

    • ‘Berry pickers would find a paradise nearby, with raspberries, blueberries, partridgeberries, bakeapples, gooseberries, marshberries, and dogberries in season.’
    • ‘None of the several dogberries, for example, are edible.’
    • ‘We have a taste of God's abundance when we pick up our caplins every year around the end of June as well as when we pick up our blueberries, raspberries and dogberries around every September.’
    • ‘Since we live in a very rural area, my daughter and I have been very busy these last few days picking as many squashberries and dogberries as possible.’
    • ‘The brightly coloured dogberries make excellent photographic subjects, but also provide food for birds.’
    1. 1.1 The dogwood.
      • ‘The trail begins near the entrance to the town, extending through patches of dogberries and fireweed, along a beach filled with driftwood and shells and into a wooded area.’
      • ‘A few hundred meters along the trail provides the first great attraction: an abundance of red and pink, provided by the thousands of dogberries and fireweed plants.’
      • ‘Their summer beauty, overgrown by roses and dogberries, belies the past reality of hardship and suffering.’
      • ‘You could smell the pine, maple and dogberry trees.’
      • ‘This is the area where there are many caves with beautiful cave jewelry, pits, monumental waterfalls, ancient maple, linden and beech trees and whole natural plantations of dogberries.’
    2. 1.2 A fruit of poor eating quality from any of a number of other shrubs or small trees, e.g. the American rowan.