Definition of dog-leg in English:



  • 1A thing that bends sharply, in particular a sharp bend in a road or route.

    as modifier ‘they took us through a dog-leg cave’
    • ‘A dramatic dog-leg external ramp linking the ground and first floor levels runs across the glazed west wall of the drawing room.’
    • ‘Gurney moved the kitchen out of a dogleg at the back of the house and into the middle of the first floor, and he relocated the front stairwell into the dogleg.’
    • ‘After the 2003 IndyCar Series race, officials at Phoenix International Raceway extended the Turn 2 wall outward, making the dogleg on the backstretch less pronounced.’
    • ‘An intimate tangle of dog-leg lanes led me on, to find the Priuli Fountain squeezed between a modern block of flats and a tottery old house with an overhanging Turkish upper storey.’
    • ‘Castle Street's dog-leg bend will be straightened out to meet with Caroline Street and the resulting redundant area will then be turned into parking bays for future residents.’
    • ‘Equally effective is the varied treatment of the stairwells between office wings and spine: one is a spiral, the second has two skewed flights, the third is a dogleg.’
    • ‘I suppose the moral of this story is that we need to learn how to navigate in dog-legs around such obstacles.’
    • ‘The only difference is a dogleg to the west along the Musselshell River then north to Lewistown as opposed to a straight line between Roundup and Lewistown.’
    • ‘The fighter escort was informed that we were at our rendezvous point and that we would do a navigational dogleg to allow them to catch up to us.’
    • ‘Where the ramps angle, holes are created that allow light to pass through the house from a skylight that matches the shape, dimension, and positioning of the ramp doglegs.’
    • ‘That darn dog-leg shape of the State is the real source of our financial woes.’
    • ‘The main arm that holds the glider now has a 45 degree dog-leg, which allows us to keep the arm further away from the face of the person trying the simulator.’
    • ‘On its initial try, the plane was unable to get airborne after a long run of five or six miles over the dog-leg course curving around the two bays.’
    • ‘The route continues across open ground to reach a small stand of conifers before the northern tip of the reservoir and its dog-leg shape.’
    • ‘The creek pulled a dog-leg bend around the point of land where the rock stood, and the fly-caster was out of sight behind the heavy brush.’
    • ‘Alas, the dog-leg bolt handle has been replaced, and the Model Seven's bottom metal is steel not plastic.’
    • ‘Right when the thing started to take off, I ran over something with the right front, going through the dogleg.’
    • ‘We flew a descending, slowing figure eight to an uphill sloping runway, with tall trees at the approach end and a dogleg to the right.’
    • ‘There's a dog-leg in the house at the north end, forming a quiet place the wind doesn't bother with and, sure enough, there they all were.’
    • ‘There's a lot of room on the exit of Turn 2, especially since they moved the wall out, so you can pick the back straightaway through the doglegs.’
    bend, corner, angle, crook, twist, turn, curve, loop, zigzag
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    1. 1.1Golf A hole where the fairway has a bend.
      as modifier ‘this hole is a dog-leg par-4 with a water hazard on the right’
      • ‘She atoned for the lapse with a winning par five at the dog-leg sixth but two holes later Caroline levelled only to trail again after bogeying the 10th.’
      • ‘One of Augusta's flagship holes, the dog-leg par-five 13th, has undergone the smallest change.’
      • ‘Mrs Wilson added: ‘Even though it is a short course it has a bit of a dog-leg.’’
      • ‘Greed on the 7th means whipping the biggest stick from your bag and cutting the backside off the dog-leg; get it right and it might be birdie-time but get it wrong…’
      • ‘He'd blown a three-shot lead after cutting his second at the around-the-corner eighth into the bush which guards the elbow of this dog-leg.’