Definition of documentation in English:



mass noun
  • 1Material that provides official information or evidence or that serves as a record.

    ‘you will have to complete the relevant documentation’
    • ‘The complainant will be invited to supply any additional relevant documentation.’
    • ‘We submitted all the necessary documentation to the tax office for audit.’
    • ‘The R & D property, he says, includes prototypes and all documentation pertaining to a new product.’
    • ‘The level of documentation associated with patients had also increased over the last year.’
    • ‘Considerable time was spent discussing the need for documentation in relation to the policy.’
    • ‘The Association were provided with a complete set of the contract documentation at the outset of the development.’
    • ‘If use is required during competition, the athlete should provide proper documentation.’
    • ‘Make sure that you receive the proper documentation from your financial services provider.’
    • ‘I answered the door and although he had a badge with his name on, he didn't carry any official documentation.’
    • ‘Appropriate legal documentation is required, however, if the caregiver is not the biological parent.’
    • ‘Extensive documentation is required to establish both claim and identity.’
    • ‘I submitted all necessary documentation by August 2001 but have heard nothing since.’
    • ‘The company scans and uploads all the documentation associated with a building project including maps and diagrams.’
    • ‘Sometimes it takes weeks, months, to acquire not just accurate information, but documentation to back up your story.’
    • ‘Do you know anyone who might be able to provide forged documentation, such as work visas?’
    • ‘Since no documentation is ever provided, this must be treated with scepticism.’
    • ‘There are three main pieces of evidence against the men - forensics, witness testimony and false travel documentation.’
    • ‘People cannot be expected to defend themselves, or provide relevant documentation, until they know what they have been accused of.’
    • ‘The paper trail, while not long, provides sufficient supporting documentation.’
    • ‘All information and documentation regarding disabilities is strictly confidential.’
    official paper, legal paper, paper, form, certificate, deed, charter, contract, legal agreement
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    1. 1.1 The written specification and instructions accompanying a product, especially a computer program or hardware.
      ‘user documentation’
      • ‘Be sure you have a hard copy of this documentation next to your system and stored off-site with your backup media.’
      • ‘Our testers had a lot of difficulty understanding the software and the help documentation.’
      • ‘In addition, there is detailed documentation available for implementation of a complex matching algorithm based on personality variables.’
      • ‘You will also ensure that the existing documentation accurately reflects the behaviour of the software products.’
      • ‘Apparently the key skills required are in programming and documentation, file editing and the ability to modify source code.’
      • ‘Also noteworthy is the 110 page technical documentation for this motherboard.’
      • ‘She produced software documentation for complicated financial programs.’
      • ‘In complex computer games the documentation usually gives only vague pointers.’
      • ‘Most FTP server programs have documentation which addresses these issues.’
      • ‘Still, the Web is littered with documentation about the product.’
      • ‘Full environment documentation and the resulting data sets will be archived on the web site for you.’
      • ‘The bundled documentation contains the detailed instructions on how to do these tasks.’
      • ‘I have been using it for more than one year now, and it helps me in producing Java project documentation.’
      • ‘They publish online documentation that you can access from the program's help menu.’
      • ‘For more information on SuSE user management, refer to your product's documentation.’
      • ‘We always look for solid documentation in products powerful enough for business and home use.’
      • ‘Other free software comes with excellent documentation.’
      • ‘The documentation in source code disappears when the program is compiled.’
      • ‘Then there is another 130 pages of documentation on the crash recovery software.’
      • ‘The documentation shows how and when to use any command for that protocol.’
  • 2The process of classifying and annotating texts, photographs, etc.

    ‘she arranged the collection and documentation of photographs’
    • ‘Formal documentation of song texts, music and dance is both crucial and illuminating.’
    • ‘Librarians also could play a key role in creating and improving documentation with free software projects.’
    • ‘This study also relies on biographical accounts and primary historical documentation.’
    • ‘Historical documentation can be classified as either ancient documents or official public documents.’
    • ‘It was simply an order of business and documentation that had to be taken place for the records.’
    • ‘This collection represents the first documentation of the species from South Carolina.’
    • ‘It so happened that most of the teachers who supervised the documentation of relevant '98 material from the West were male.’