Definition of docudrama in English:



  • A dramatized television film based on real events.

    ‘a convoluted docudrama’
    mass noun ‘television docudrama set itself up as the balancer of history’
    • ‘Despite our misgivings about docudramas, we felt that the independence of public broadcasting was at stake.’
    • ‘Never mind the artistic values of dramatic license and creative interpretation that usually flow freely in such docudramas, both the good ones and the not-so-good.’
    • ‘He has produced the literary equivalent of a docudrama.’
    • ‘It was a good film, although it was obvious that the director had a story he wanted to tell, which makes it more of a docudrama than a documentary.’
    • ‘Her story was already improved into a docudrama several years ago.’
    • ‘The other one I did was much more like a docudrama, where you took a real situation and told a story around that.’
    • ‘So many people vowed to boycott sponsors of the biased docudrama that airing it on primetime TV became financially imprudent.’
    • ‘In Bouse's view, contemporary wildlife films should not be viewed as documentaries, but as docudramas.’
    • ‘Honestly, I don't see the film as being successfully neorealistic, but to call it a simple docudrama would disparage both the film and the director.’
    • ‘As well as documentaries, this year's fest offers up a compelling docudrama on an infamous true story.’
    • ‘I would love to do a docudrama about her.’
    • ‘It's not in any way ‘real’, obviously - it's not a docudrama, it's not true-to-life.’
    • ‘Now, thanks to a well-meaning TV movie from the USA Network, we get a historical docudrama about this flamboyant, fearless leader.’
    • ‘During the Science Film Festival, documentaries and docudramas on scientists and science-related subjects are being screened.’
    • ‘James Dean radiated a furtive, brooding, fifties masculinity that two shows - a new docudrama and a feature film - try to decode.’
    • ‘There have been a number of docudramas detailing the exploits of black troops, or that have included them in various Civil War battle scenes.’
    • ‘It has all the makings of a sitcom, or maybe a docudrama.’
    • ‘The documentary features and docudramas produced and telecast turned out to be immensely beneficial to the student community.’
    • ‘The most notable thing about both episodes, in the context of a supposed docudrama, is that neither of them actually happened: they were both dreamed up by the scriptwriter.’
    • ‘When real-life disasters hit, American movies tend to leave the hard work of analysis and healing to television docudramas, cable presentations and independent documentaries.’
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1960s: from docu- + drama.