Definition of do someone good in English:

do someone good


  • Be beneficial to someone, especially to their health.

    ‘the walk will do you good’
    • ‘He said in most investors' minds, a little inflation does you good.’
    • ‘A bit of sunshine does you good; too much may cause skin cancer.’
    • ‘More good news - not only is it delicious and relaxing but, in moderation, wine positively does you good.’
    • ‘A walk would also do you good, preferably somewhere like a beach or a big park.’
    • ‘Usually I can't wait to get home, but every so often it does you good to walk out through the streets you'd never normally use, and see what you're missing.’
    • ‘We are always having a laugh with the children, which does me good too.’
    • ‘I thought the walk would do me good, but I forgot about the time entirely.’
    • ‘We are quite formal - members rise when the president and speaker enter, we say grace and give a vote of thanks - but I think a bit of formality does you good.’
    • ‘A little of what you fancy does you good, so the old lady in the chip shop told me.’
    • ‘It does you good to realise that there is always somebody more gloomy than you are.’
    benefit, be beneficial to, be of benefit to, be advantageous to, be of advantage to, be of use to, be of value to, do someone good, help, be helpful to, be of service to, serve, assist, aid, stand someone in good stead, further the interests of, advance, promote
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