Definition of diving petrel in English:

diving petrel


  • A small stocky seabird resembling an auk, with black upper parts and white underparts. It frequents southern oceans.

    Family Pelecanoididae and genus Pelecanoides: four species, in particular the common (or northern) diving petrel (P. urinatrix)

    • ‘Morphologically, the diving petrels resemble northern auks much more than they resemble other procellariiform birds.’
    • ‘As expected groups such as the albatrosses, diving petrels, gadfly petrels, prions, and shearwaters were all monophyletic.’
    • ‘Albatross, cape pigeons, diving petrels, monymawks, mottled petrels, and sooty shearwaters all took their turns skimming our bow wave for fish.’