Definition of divergent in English:



  • 1Tending to be different or develop in different directions.

    ‘divergent interpretations’
    ‘varieties of English can remain astonishingly divergent from one another’
    • ‘The arguments set forth by the two sides during the secession crisis reflected their divergent outlooks.’
    • ‘They also have divergent opinions internally.’
    • ‘The virtues sought in a deputy are sometimes quite divergent from those sought in a leader.’
    • ‘The populations from the Adriatic and Black seas, however, are divergent from every other population.’
    • ‘And Rousseau's thought certainly led to divergent opinions as to what really mattered.’
    • ‘His films inspired respect, if wildly divergent opinions.’
    • ‘At the present time there are a number of divergent opinions concerning the paleoecology of radiolarians.’
    • ‘Susceptible alleles, on the other hand, could be widely divergent from the resistant haplotypes and each other.’
    • ‘In addition, teachers and parents may have divergent expectations about what constitutes appropriate school behavior.’
    • ‘The English language is spoken throughout Scotland, but Scottish accents are strongly divergent from those in England.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, there are divergent opinions on this issue.’
    • ‘But we have come to question the divergent assumptions that underlie this seemingly broad consensus.’
    • ‘In essence, Smith plays too many roles that are too divergent from the ‘self’ he is known to play.’
    • ‘The two panels began with divergent notions of the key education problems needing to be solved.’
    • ‘The procedures of the Japanese trial were grossly divergent from American legal standards of due process.’
    • ‘Why should one think that such failures of common knowledge provide a general explanation for divergent beliefs?’
    • ‘They are also divergent from SCRs of the group 1 proteins.’
    • ‘There were also divergent attitudes towards industrialization in China and Japan.’
    • ‘We have to weigh up all the options and divergent opinions that have been expressed.’
    • ‘Clearly the poets had divergent notions of human fulfillment.’
    differing, varying, different, dissimilar, unlike, unalike, disparate, contrasting, contrastive, antithetical
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    1. 1.1Psychology (of thought) using a variety of premises, especially unfamiliar premises, as bases for inference, and avoiding common limiting assumptions in making deductions.
      ‘divergent thinking’
      • ‘Stories like Neon Genesis Evangelion push the creative envelope, and I appreciate them for their weirdness and divergent thought.’
      • ‘I am no commie, but I do recognize the role played by a divergent thought.’
      • ‘Hopefully it will be a place to find new voices, divergent thoughts, and something worth thinking about or laughing at once in a while.’
      • ‘The three quotations I have given above illustrate that the concept and idea of superstition and divergent beliefs are still in use.’
  • 2Mathematics
    (of a series) increasing indefinitely as more of its terms are added.

    • ‘He found a divergent series, the first few terms of which gave a good approximation to the integral.’
    • ‘Continuing his mathematical work Ramanujan studied continued fractions and divergent series in 1908.’
    • ‘The sequences were more divergent and the ratio was much higher than in lysin.’
    • ‘In 1873 he gave a continuous function with divergent Fourier series at any point solving a major problem.’
    • ‘Also important is his work on divergent series and discontinuous functions.’