Definition of diuresis in English:



mass nounMedicine
  • Increased or excessive production of urine.

    Compare with polyuria
    • ‘However, caution is required to avoid excessive diuresis, which can decrease preload and stroke volume.’
    • ‘Excessive diuresis might be an important cause of renal dysfunction while taking spironolactone.’
    • ‘Nurses monitor the patient closely for unbalanced fluid volume related to increased intracranial pressure or diuresis.’
    • ‘Be cautious in prescribing diuretics, as excessive diuresis may reduce stroke volume and cardiac output.’
    • ‘Loss of glucose in the urine causes osmotic diuresis, increasing urinary losses of electrolytes and water.’


Late 17th century: modern Latin, from di- ‘through’ + Greek ourēsis ‘urination’.