Definition of disused in English:



  • No longer being used:

    ‘they held an exhibition in a disused warehouse’
    • ‘The road will be on the London Road part of the A414 where there are currently two disused access roads.’
    • ‘A little dumping was noted, apparently a bag of some sort of disused building material.’
    • ‘Over 300 houses have also been built there and the airfield is not disused.’
    • ‘It uses an Underground tunnel which had been disused for many years.’
    • ‘A group of homeless people broke into a disused Richmond church so that they could sleep there for the night.’
    • ‘The band's first gig was in a friend's bedroom and their next was in a disused warehouse in Glasgow.’
    • ‘The disused railway line makes the bog and surrounding areas easily accessible from both ends.’
    • ‘The exhibition is housed in a disused and temporarily abandoned sorting office in the centre of London.’
    • ‘It could have remained that way, disused and neglected, gathering dust and cobwebs.’
    • ‘Carp is set to take over a disused part of the garden of Marden House and incorporate it into Castlefields Park.’
    • ‘Together with his co-founders, they received a grant to convert a disused swimming pool into a theatre.’
    • ‘Plans are to be unveiled later this month for the Emmaus Community in disused farm buildings at Barlby near Selby.’
    • ‘It is littered with fragments of abandoned machinery and the rusted hulks of disused ships.’
    • ‘Police said the bomber's target was a truck carrying recruits into the base in a disused airport.’
    • ‘We wanted a studio or an old warehouse but when we found a disused hospital it was great.’
    • ‘A teenager died when he fell through the roof of a disused warehouse while playing with his friends.’
    • ‘A Cadishead builder may have to knock down seven luxury homes because they were built over a disused footpath.’
    • ‘Eventually, he reached a beach and dragged himself through sand dunes until he reached a disused campsite.’
    • ‘Open for just over a year it occupies a disused warehouse in one of London's poorest boroughs, Hackney.’
    • ‘We want to make sure that disused railways are protected from development which would make it harder to bring them back into use.’
    unused, no longer in use, fallen into disuse, unemployed, idle
    neglected, abandoned, deserted, vacated, evacuated, unoccupied, uninhabited, empty
    discontinued, obsolete, defunct, superannuated, moribund
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