Definition of distributor in English:



  • 1An agent who supplies goods to retailers.

    ‘a sports goods distributor’
    • ‘The beer distributor has set up a keg of beer in the square.’
    • ‘You are now ready to proceed as an independent herbalife distributor.’
    • ‘Can a brand such as Northwest Airlines or Holiday Inn survive without a major third-party distributor?’
    • ‘Five years ago, General was the best book distributor in the country.’
    • ‘I'm negotiating to become the sole distributor of it in British Columbia.’
    • ‘Movies that can't find a distributor have a very difficult time getting seen.’
    • ‘The workshops will review market research techniques and the role of agents and distributors.’
    • ‘Wholesale wine distributors fought the law change because they stand to lose the most.’
    • ‘The underlying value of sampling is that distributors sell what they are most comfortable selling.’
    • ‘When you become an herbalife distributor, your appearance becomes part of your sales pitch.’
    • ‘A low-profile company, Connect is the biggest independent distributor of electronic components in Europe.’
    • ‘I'd imagine there would be implications from such a move for other distributors in the country.’
    • ‘So what does this contradictory evidence mean to the promotional products distributor?’
    • ‘Aurora Corp is also major distributor of telecommunications products.’
    • ‘But there won't be any support from big North American distributor for these AMD chips.’
    • ‘Only last month, Ferrari announced it was seeking an official distributor in the country.’
    • ‘But there is a reason that this film hasn't been able to find a U.S. distributor.’
    • ‘Then he had to find a way to get it into his distributor's warehouse.’
    • ‘We were the largest independent beverage distributor in western Canada.’
    • ‘The company will appoint its distributors among the kerosene oil depot, at three per cent commission.’
    dealer, merchant, buyer, seller, salesman, saleswoman, buyer and seller, marketeer, merchandiser, broker, agent
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  • 2A device in a petrol engine for passing electric current to each spark plug in turn.

    • ‘The only cure was to get soaking wet while trying to dry out the distributor that generated the electricity that made the car go.’
    • ‘Plates also covered the fuel pump opening and that of the distributor.’
    • ‘The assembly is commonly mounted in the distributor or on the end of the crank or camshaft.’
    • ‘Power generators and distributors are the havens of choice in uncertain times.’
    • ‘Many motorists cannot tell a drive belt from a distributor.’
    • ‘This engine has a unique system: a pick-up coil in the distributor triggers the spark.’