Definition of distraught in English:



  • Very worried and upset.

    ‘a distraught woman sobbed and screamed for help’
    ‘he is terribly distraught’
    • ‘There was none so I smiled at the distraught gentleman and game him the thumbs up sign.’
    • ‘Her family have been informed by police and were said to be distraught.’
    • ‘His distraught wife Lesley had to break the devastating news to the children that their dad would not be coming home.’
    • ‘This is something no one dare tell a distraught woman, desperate to know whether she should be grieving or not.’
    • ‘He was distraught and we virtually had to tie him down to stop him leaping back into the water.’
    • ‘After looking up my marks on Quest, I was distraught to find they had a slight scar to them.’
    • ‘He said floral tributes had been put at the front door to the flat, including one by a girl who seemed quite distraught.’
    • ‘The verdict and sentence have left Rita's older sister Annette distraught and deeply upset.’
    • ‘The distraught uncle said the family was praying for the safe release of the teenager.’
    • ‘The sudden loss of their beloved puppies has left owners distraught and desperate.’
    • ‘The distraught owners spent several hours walking around the area searching for their dogs but had no luck.’
    • ‘She was left distraught after callous thieves stole the wheelchair from outside her flat in Godric Place.’
    • ‘They were too distraught to talk and appealed to the assembled media to stay away.’
    • ‘A distraught father has told how his wife sat watching TV as a car crashed through their living room wall.’
    • ‘Matthew's distraught mother, Ann, was offered comfort by the youngsters at the scene.’
    • ‘Some of the professors at a local university are distraught over the state of affairs here.’
    • ‘My parents were distraught and upset by the actions of this person or people.’
    • ‘He was so honored and yet again, distraught that my name was on the bottom corner.’
    • ‘I would be totally distraught if she died and I couldn't do anything about it.’
    • ‘Michelle and her children's deaths have shattered their families and left them distraught.’
    worried, upset, distressed, fraught, devastated, shattered
    overcome, overwrought, beside oneself, out of one's mind, desperate, at one's wits' end
    hysterical, frenzied, raving, deranged
    in a state, worked up
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Late Middle English: alteration of the obsolete adjective distract (from Latin distractus pulled apart), influenced by straught, archaic past participle of stretch.