Definition of distinctly in English:



  • 1In a way that is readily distinguishable by the senses; clearly.

    ‘reading each word slowly and distinctly’
    • ‘Balbir's food is prepared with evident care and has a distinctly homemade quality.’
    • ‘Believe me, the pain is greater when you distinctly remember such things.’
    • ‘We can also see distinctly where many of the smaller tributaries unite with it.’
    • ‘No one art unites strong sensuous and intellectual impressions more distinctly than architecture.’
    • ‘Uzbek army personnel say the atmosphere on the base has changed distinctly in the last week or so.’
    • ‘You will notice that the HTML document is split distinctly into two parts, the head and the body.’
    • ‘The voice spoke firmly and distinctly and it belonged to one of the most wanted men in the world.’
    • ‘His words were spoken quietly and distinctly, but they shook me like thunder.’
    • ‘Each type of plane is also distinctly colored so that the bombers are all bright yellow.’
    • ‘They range in colour from honey orange to smoky blue and are distinctly spotted on the back and belly.’
    • ‘I remember quite distinctly the moment that the radical intelligentsia fell out of love with nationalism.’
    • ‘These are patterns I interpret as distinctly negative in nature and in probable outcome.’
    • ‘Elizabeth had distinctly felt this young woman's gentle touch.’
    • ‘Desiree clomped distinctly up the stairs, like a proud pony.’
    • ‘A terrific naturalizer, its leaves are distinctly blue-green to beautifully set-off the flowers.’
    • ‘The vampire's eyes take on a distinctly insectoid appearance, bulging and segmented.’
    1. 1.1as submodifier (used for emphasis) in a way that is very noticeable or apparent; decidedly.
      ‘two distinctly different cultures’
      ‘he looked distinctly uncomfortable’
      • ‘I might be distinctly uncool, but I think I'd rather accept it and grow old at a pace I can keep up with.’
      • ‘The island has a distinctly West Indian atmosphere in contrast to Mauritius.’
      • ‘He was distinctly less forthcoming about domestic problems in Iran.’
      • ‘She looked distinctly nervous and sat down on the very edge of the chair he offered her.’
      • ‘The two CDs do offer distinctly different approaches to the task of delivering that sunny day feeling, however.’
      • ‘There was a distinctly odd proportion of pictures of herself.’
      • ‘Playwright and production are striving for something uncommon: a distinctly earthy play of ideas.’
      • ‘The proportion of pairs breeding per month had a distinctly bimodal pattern.’
      • ‘By almost any measure, it is distinctly worse.’
      • ‘His handle designs are also distinctly different from common fare.’
      • ‘Overall, I didn't rush it too much, and I felt distinctly confident on the stage.’
      • ‘The language may be spartan, but the spirit is distinctly romantic.’
      • ‘There are dozens of distinctly different Christian sects, each of which says that it is the REAL Christian church.’
      • ‘It also created a distinctly meditative aura, giving the water tower a chapel-like peacefulness.’
      • ‘Sarah sounds distinctly relieved.’
      • ‘Down the other end of the spectrum, however, things get distinctly seedy.’
      • ‘Inevitably, there are many that are distinctly uncomfortable, old and draughty.’
      • ‘To pursue their distinctly religious objectives, both men had to follow a moderate line.’
      • ‘Functionally, these proteins are distinctly different.’
      • ‘The film taken at face value leaves a distinctly bad taste in the mouth.’
      decidedly, markedly, definitely, emphatically
      clearly, plainly, intelligibly, audibly, unambiguously, loud and clear, with clarity, precisely
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