Definition of distasteful in English:


Pronunciation /dɪsˈteɪstf(ə)l//dɪsˈteɪstfʊl/


  • Causing dislike or aversion; disagreeable or unpleasant.

    ‘he found such cynicism distasteful’
    • ‘And this seems to be what the advocates of corporate philanthropy find distasteful.’
    • ‘If someone is unpleasant or distasteful, postings from that address can be blocked.’
    • ‘Of course, in some ways this notion is distasteful, obscene and disgusting.’
    • ‘The notion that a small group would disrupt the event for reasons of self-interest will be regarded as distasteful.’
    • ‘It may even be distasteful to watch teenagers reduced to tears.’
    • ‘Yes, folding the tent on investments whose high hopes are dashed is mighty distasteful.’
    • ‘I find this kind of coverage distasteful, pointless and irrelevant.’
    • ‘The public could boycott distasteful TV serials, after all they held the remote.’
    • ‘For sentimental reasons some may find this treatment distasteful.’
    • ‘Debates emphasize ills to be corrected rather than distasteful choices to be made.’
    • ‘But it is not nearly as distasteful as the fact that four people have died at this accident black spot in four years.’
    • ‘What to some might seem a distasteful consumer frenzy in the wake of so much human suffering is crucial to keeping our economy afloat.’
    • ‘Angharad was not used to being ignored and it was an unpleasant and distasteful position to be in.’
    • ‘The ironic cheers from the home support towards the end of the game were particularly distasteful and served little purpose.’
    • ‘Making use of the emotionally disturbed in this way has become a distasteful trend on the political left.’
    • ‘I attended one Old Firm match in the 1970s and found it an unpleasant and distasteful affair.’
    • ‘So far, this book is only confirming what I thought: that the whole thing is distasteful and nothing to do with real life.’
    • ‘There's something a bit distasteful about the implications of much of the campaign, too.’
    • ‘These guy games may seem distasteful, but it should be no secret that girls play similarly in bar situations.’
    • ‘As it is, there is something fishy, even distasteful, about the way this story has been broken.’
    unpleasant, disagreeable, displeasing, unpleasing, undesirable
    unpalatable, unsavoury, unappetizing, inedible, disgusting, sickening, nauseating, nauseous, horrible, horrid
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