Definition of distantly in English:



  • 1Far away.

    ‘distantly he heard shouts’
    • ‘She distantly heard Jade closing the window, and she went on walking.’
    • ‘Because his parents distantly knew mine, I heard that about four years ago his parents divorced.’
    • ‘Beyond the rain, he can distantly hear the beach and the surf behind him.’
    • ‘Alex smiled to herself as Yuka and Mark continued to bicker about his hitting ability, and distantly, she heard a knock at the door.’
    • ‘Tahixha thought she heard bells ringing distantly, magical, ethereal chimes whispering of an uncertain future.’
    • ‘Somewhat distantly, she heard ‘Are you alright?’’
    • ‘I was distantly aware of Xander shouting for help, the pain was my world at that time, and all I could do was pretend that it would all end soon.’
    • ‘Kristen could hear their conversation distantly but couldn't make out what they were saying.’
    • ‘She could hear them talking distantly as she thought about getting down.’
    • ‘She heard the sounds of a fight, but distantly, as if on some other world.’
    • ‘‘No-nothing,’ Olivia stammered, closing the drawer once more, distantly hearing that same thumping sound as it shut.’
    • ‘Ikeda was too stunned to move, and could hear Rimiya screeching distantly down the hallway.’
    • ‘Beth distantly heard a snide comment from the first customer in line, and breathed a sigh of relief when the cashier finally looked away.’
    • ‘I hear Roberts' voice call out distantly, even though he's right in front of me.’
    • ‘Khanor was only watching, devoid of emotion, and Brooke could distantly hear Katsi moaning and sputtering in the front seat.’
    • ‘‘That is Old Choseon, the place to which we travel,’ I distantly heard Attila say.’
    • ‘She could only distantly hear the shouts of her comrades over the rushing water and her own anxious heartbeat.’
    • ‘A mechanical hum vibrates distantly, though I can only really hear it through my feet.’
    • ‘She intended to put the money back, but, distantly, she heard shouts and clamoring.’
    • ‘She could distantly hear screams down the hallway, and stopped dead in her tracks when she realized that it was coming from Ryan's room.’
    1. 1.1 Not closely.
      ‘they are distantly related to the elephants’
      • ‘Apparently the evolutionary pattern of distantly related sequences should be described differently from that of closely related sequences.’
      • ‘It is distantly related to Cantonese and other Chinese dialects, and closely related to Lao and Thai.’
      • ‘Funny being distantly caught up in a media squabble though.’
      • ‘Third, the more distantly related two individuals are, the more different their micro-satellites will be.’
      • ‘The leaves have a smell somewhat reminiscent of celery very distantly crossed with fennel, though I've heard somewhere that the plant is poisonous; it certainly looks the part.’
      • ‘Koushkani is a master of the Tar, a Persian instrument reminiscent of the Greek bouzouki or, more distantly, the mandolin.’
      • ‘However, this problem should be studied in more detail considering both distantly related and closely related species.’
      • ‘Bulgarian is a south Slavic language, closely related to Serbo-Croatian and Slovenian and more distantly to Russian.’
      • ‘At Oxford, she fell somewhat distantly in love with the poet and gifted linguist Frank Thompson.’
      • ‘Then all the genes in a new network should be closely related to each other, and only distantly to the old network.’
      • ‘Perhaps distantly connected, however, is the issue currently circulating of whether academics should journal at all.’
      • ‘We observed a slight correlation in the month of birth for closely spaced siblings, but not among more distantly spaced offspring.’
    2. 1.2 Coolly or remotely.
      ‘she smiled distantly’
      • ‘He smiled faintly, distantly, and stared into the fire.’
      • ‘‘It's a Jolly Roger,’ she says, and smiles distantly.’
      • ‘Their generation, I imagine, experienced the war more distantly as a disturbed era that ended in national humiliation.’
      • ‘Saire smiled distantly as he put an arm about her shoulder and ushered her back inside.’
      • ‘He answered almost distantly, turning to her with something of a sad smile.’
      • ‘Now, however, she just smiled at him distantly, put the tea on the table and walked away.’
      • ‘Maud smiled distantly, as if reveling in some personal dream.’