Definition of dissepiment in English:



Botany Zoology
  • A partition in a part or organ; a septum.

    • ‘Additionally, in the Kendrick corals dolomitic crusts are common on the exteriors of septal flanks and dissepiment surfaces within interseptal spaces.’
    • ‘During this time small horizontal internal blister-like plates called dissepiments appeared in several lineages.’
    • ‘It has dissepiments, but only a few large presepiments, so that most major septa are uninterrupted.’
    • ‘On the contrary, in calicular sections, several flat dissepiments are intermittently developed directly below the epitheca.’
    • ‘A distinctive character of adult corallites of Macgeea dubia is the tendency to develop numerous herringbone dissepiments, which is increased by the fact that minor septa are commonly reduced.’


Early 18th century: from Latin dissaepimentum, from dissaepire ‘make separate’, from dis- (expressing separation) + saepire ‘divide by a hedge’.