Definition of dissemination in English:



  • [mass noun] The act of spreading something, especially information, widely; circulation:

    ‘dissemination of public information’
    • ‘Scant regard is paid to the manifesto and its dissemination among the general public nowadays.’
    • ‘The public dissemination of standardised data on clinical outcomes is now established practice in many health systems.’
    • ‘One growing concern is dissemination of public information on projects and facilities.’
    • ‘Social value presupposes the public dissemination of research results.’
    • ‘When the main tamoxifen trials were published in 1983, dissemination into practice took about five years.’
    spreading, circulation, distribution, dispersal, diffusion
    proclamation, promulgation, propagation, publicizing, communication, passing on, making known, putting about
    dissipation, scattering
    broadcasting, relaying, transmission, putting on the air, putting on the airwaves, publishing, publication
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