Definition of disproportionality in English:



  • See disproportion

    • ‘We do not see racial and class disproportionality in prisons as something that can be corrected within the prison system, as if disproportionality is just a bump in an otherwise functional road.’
    • ‘We do think that the disproportionality is too high and we need to make sure that our police forces are using these powers properly.’
    • ‘The level of disproportionality that has been shown, I would suggest, needs an awful lot of emotion, a lot of involvement, an awful lot of talking and articulating in respect of feelings and fears.’
    • ‘In the absence of any significant counterbalancing input, that disproportionality is not recognized as such, thus further compounding the magnitude of their message.’
    • ‘So we don't have disproportionality in concern there.’