Definition of displeasingly in English:



  • See displease

    • ‘Despite my displeasingly casual manner and dress, I was tolerated until some new Office Manager turned up on the scene.’
    • ‘Jasmine kicked a discarded camera cartridge along the sidewalk as she trudged down a street of displeasingly samey motels. ‘Bloody tourists.’’
    • ‘Tempting David to be displeasingly destructive, Martin tells him that his toys really look much better in pieces.’
    • ‘‘Nobody is going in the river,’ Bane looked at both of them displeasingly, ‘I am Bane, mercenary, the young man here is Silas Avon, archer, and you are?’’
    • ‘Somehow, because they never lost sight of core aesthetic principles that began with their dark self-titled debut in 1984, their borrowing never seemed displeasingly imperialistic or slanted toward cultural tourism.’