Definition of displayed in English:



  • 1(of information) shown on a computer screen or other device.

    ‘a utility designed to allow you to cut up pieces of displayed graphics’
    • ‘This small class will hold the current displayed image.’
    • ‘Change the hardware parameter values and observe how the displayed results change.’
    • ‘Luckily, you can use the device's stylus to dial phone numbers on the screen and to tap out messages on a displayed keyboard.’
    • ‘In full screen, 3D view mode it was often impossible to read any of the displayed web pages.’
    • ‘The tops of the cylinders were angled and displayed small computer screens beneath oval shaped glass.’
    • ‘Users need this information to contact the publisher of the displayed metadata.’
    • ‘The quality of the displayed image has also improved greatly in recent times, so you can also tell whether or not the picture will be clear.’
    • ‘When viewing images, tab icons now display thumbnails of the displayed image.’
    • ‘This means constantly reflowing the displayed elements, which may be delivered out of order (a problem word processors don't have).’
    • ‘The displayed info can be customized to a certain degree but for all intents and purposes the overall design is static.’
    • ‘The web link is HTML and the displayed text appears to link to the real bank's site.’
    • ‘When recipients open a digitally signed e-mail, a displayed symbol indicates that the message has not been forged or spoofed.’
    • ‘While sitting on a parent's lap, each child watched a set of randomly displayed scenes on a computer screen.’
    • ‘You could even check how many people have clicked on your affiliate link, by checking the number of clicks of the displayed URL before it is redirected, from your Web site log.’
    • ‘The information bandwidth of the modulator and the signal driving it determine the fidelity of the displayed spatial image.’
    • ‘As he was talking, the computer screen followed the dot and changed the displayed screen to show an up close shot of his future location.’
    • ‘The displayed image is both bright and attractive.’
    • ‘The displayed image isn't without problems, however, as some slight interlace flicker was apparent.’
    • ‘The output is in plain-text format, not in HTML, which means the displayed link is not clickable.’
    • ‘The displayed information will encourage a harmonious relationship between the passengers and auto-drivers.’
  • 2Heraldry
    (of a bird of prey) depicted with the wings extended.

    • ‘An eagle displayed as a symbolical device was certainly in use by Charlemagne.’
    • ‘The displayed eagle in the center was adopted from the former Imperial State.’
    1. 2.1 (of the wings of a bird of prey) extended.
      • ‘Above the Coat of Arms is an eagle with its wings displayed so that its wingtips are in front of the raised border.’
      • ‘Although the NMM dates the flag as 1935-1950 all the sources up until towards the end show an eagle with wings displayed and inverted with the eagle generally looking in line with the attached.’