Definition of dispatcher in English:


(also despatcher)


  • 1A person whose job is to receive messages and organize the movement of people or vehicles, especially in the emergency services.

    ‘he told the dispatcher that his wife wasn't breathing’
    ‘a cab driver responded to a call from his dispatcher’
    with modifier ‘emergency police dispatchers received a call from the building at 8.45 am’
    • ‘Mrs. Henderson was on the phone with the police, trying to get past the dispatcher.’
    • ‘Deena dialled the police number, 911, and dispatchers put her through to the FBI.’
    • ‘The Hoover Police Department has hired several Spanish-speaking dispatchers for its emergency response team.’
    • ‘The police communications log records his radio contact with the dispatcher at 16:01.’
    • ‘Within a couple of minutes the police dispatcher advised the officer over the radio to proceed to the Georgian Mall.’
    • ‘At the beginning of a fire, dispatchers are generally sent instructions and requests by phone or radio.’
    • ‘He made a phone call which our emergency communications dispatcher had recorded.’
    • ‘If they don't get you or you are in need of assistance, they call a 911 dispatcher.’
    • ‘She spent several years as a dispatcher for the Pender County, N.C., sheriff's office and a year as a clerk of the county court.’
    • ‘A taxi dispatcher requires the precise location of cabs to determine which is the closest to a pickup.’
    1. 1.1 A person who sends something to a destination.
      • ‘The jobs will be created by May 1 and offer opportunities for supervisors, customer service agents and dispatchers.’
      • ‘Dispatchers and dock workers can identify regional shipments in the system and keep them on schedule.’
      • ‘A job scheduler and a dispatcher handle periodic jobs, whereas reactive jobs change state themselves for performance reasons.’
      • ‘I was working full-time as a dispatcher for a realty company, midnight to 9 in the morning.’
      • ‘Buck, along with other dogs, was purchased by Francois and Perrault, dispatchers for the Canadian government, and transported by ship to Alaska.’
      • ‘I was the first dispatcher in my delivery business, and I always thought I was the best dispatcher we ever had.’