Definition of disorderly in English:



  • 1Lacking organization; untidy.

    ‘his life was as disorderly as ever’
    ‘a disorderly pile of books’
    • ‘The US was faced with only two choices: orderly retreat, or disorderly retreat.’
    • ‘He started digging through a disorderly pile of assorted framed pictures, including several that looked like they had been run over by a truck.’
    • ‘Children with ADHD are hindered if the classroom is noisy, disorderly, or lacking clear consistent regimens and expectations.’
    • ‘We have one that's unsafe, disorderly, illegal and undignified.’
    • ‘The handwriting changed from the slanted, flowing script to short, cramped letters jumbled together in a disorderly fashion.’
    • ‘Refugee flows, by their nature, are chaotic and disorderly.’
    • ‘I started - twice - to write about the dangers of a disorderly decline in the dollar, and what events might trigger it.’
    • ‘I have only been to Las Vegas once myself, and the whole time I was there I was disorderly and confused.’
    • ‘She hadn't even known human beings were capable of making such a disorderly, confused noise - part wail, part shriek, part yell.’
    • ‘To outsiders, the garden is a space of chaotic, disorderly difference and sensory assault.’
    • ‘The ban on mobile phones in the council chamber is only a minor issue compared to the culture of disorderly and inefficient meetings that has built up in Kerry over the years.’
    • ‘One room was disorderly with clothes crumpled, lying on the floor; also brand - new clothes still in their packets.’
    • ‘In addition to the simple geometric figure, nature offers us a spectacle of the branched, jagged and seemingly disorderly structures that pose a challenge to geometry.’
    • ‘This Winter's confused disorderly commercialism comes at the expense of taste, style and common sense.’
    • ‘A key mission of science is to examine the disorderly, even chaotic appearance of nature, and develop overarching descriptions for defined segments of that nature.’
    • ‘When Hong Kong people watch the disorderly manner in which mainlanders squeeze to get on public buses, they describe it as being similar to their own situation thirty or forty years ago.’
    • ‘Mixing raw and cooked food together, disorderly arrangements and cross pollution are seen as roots of the problem.’
    • ‘In addition, protein metabolism becomes chaotic and disorderly, leading to mutant antibodies becoming auto-antibodies.’
    • ‘Second, the Chinese recording procedures were unsystematic and disorderly.’
    • ‘Timing was done in the most haphazard and disorderly manner and lacked credibility.’
    untidy, disorganized, messy, chaotic, cluttered, littered, jumbled, muddled, confused, unsystematic, irregular
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    1. 1.1 Involving or contributing to a breakdown of peaceful and law-abiding behaviour.
      ‘they had no intention of staging a disorderly protest’
      • ‘The Constitution provides for the removal of a deputy in cases of bankruptcy and unruly or disorderly behaviour.’
      • ‘He pleaded guilty to disorderly behaviour and was fined £100, plus court costs of £60 over the incident.’
      • ‘You also have a history of committing offences of disorderly behaviour and, in the past, were the subject of a curfew order.’
      • ‘Since then, the orders have been used against a gang of six terrorising Slade Green residents, two aggressive shop - lifters and a bus vandal, as well as other disorderly youths.’
      • ‘Strategic Traffic Unit senior sergeant Ian Campion said police could take action if the widow washers became disorderly or threatened drivers.’
      • ‘I will touch on the issue of disorderly and unruly passenger behaviour.’
      • ‘They say he was drunk, disorderly and resisted arrest.’
      • ‘Instead of the upfront taxes favoured by police forces, disorderly premises in new Alcohol Disorder Zones will, in future, receive a warning and be allowed eight weeks to clean up their act.’
      • ‘District judge Kevin Gray sentenced him to two months in prison for the offence of threatening behaviour and a £100 fine for the disorderly behaviour’
      • ‘100 years ago: York Police Court dealt with a man summoned for being disorderly and refusing to quit the Britannia Inn, Heworth, when asked to do so.’
      • ‘Ordinary residents should be able to go into the town centre and enjoy a drink or a meal without coming across disorderly behaviour.’
      • ‘Despite this, the majority have either done something they later regretted or been involved in or witnessed criminal or disorderly incidents while out drinking.’
      • ‘A 39-year-old man was convicted without penalty of disorderly behaviour by the Berri Magistrates Court on Tuesday.’
      • ‘About 50-60 drunken and disorderly people spilled on to the Market Cross as police units from two counties and seven towns were called to the fracas.’
      • ‘She is also charged with using obscene language, assaulting PC Ramcharan, occasioning a wound and behaving in a disorderly manner.’
      • ‘The 18-year-old, who is also charged with disorderly behaviour, was in the Piccadilly area with a group of friends when the alleged assault took place.’
      • ‘Mark Tyler pleaded guilty to ‘racially aggravated disorderly behaviour’ after a drink-fuelled row with the night manager of an hotel in Lincoln.’
      • ‘He admitted criminal damage, disorderly behaviour and resisting police and was given a day's detention and ordered to pay £100 compensation for the damage.’
      • ‘Raby was said to have regularly attempted to enter the pub despite the earlier exclusion order, banged on windows and doors, behaved in a disorderly manner outside the premises and swore at Mrs Booth.’
      • ‘Drunk and disorderly incidents more than doubled from 12 to 26, and drunk and incapable offenders increased eight-fold.’
      unruly, boisterous, rough, rowdy, wild, turbulent, tumultuous
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