Definition of dismissive in English:



  • Feeling or showing that something is unworthy of consideration.

    ‘monetarist theory is dismissive of the need to control local spending’
    ‘his dismissive attitude towards women left him isolated’
    • ‘Woodward, you can also gather, wouldn't have been so dismissive if England had been on the receiving end.’
    • ‘He denied the trust had been dismissive towards Mr Blackbird and his family.’
    • ‘She is dismissive of talk that the island is any less deserving of public support than any other community in Scotland.’
    • ‘I tried explaining my feud with the waiter, but Jennifer was dismissive.’
    • ‘I don't remember buying it, she said with a dismissive flick of the wrist.’
    • ‘Both Dodge and Hollis were sceptical of the worth of intervention and dismissive towards the coalition.’
    • ‘It's much easier to be hyperbolic, or dismissive, or to give up trying to make judgments and just stick to writing lists.’
    • ‘I've been watching all this California stuff with a really dismissive attitude.’
    • ‘Some of the regulars are dismissive and civilians don't view them with the same respect as they do the full-timers.’
    • ‘The sceptical scribe answered in the negative; Palmer was annoyed at the dismissive response.’
    • ‘Such a dismissive and negative view of these two giants isn't fair, of course.’
    • ‘I think the dismissive way people have been dealt with is a disgrace.’
    • ‘He is dismissive of the tyranny of email, pagers and mobile phones.’
    • ‘He was dismissive of his television work, saying it had paid the rent and bought the groceries, and was now behind him.’
    • ‘And did you feel that your colleagues were being dismissive of you because of that?’
    • ‘The dismissive attitude was previously the star quality of the north.’
    • ‘Vivek says that some senior professors have been dismissive of their ideas.’
    • ‘The same sort of dismissive attitude is evident in response to the latest findings.’
    • ‘Yet overall, the summer school flaunted a dismissive attitude toward folk history.’
    • ‘Miss Regan complained to the manager but said he was dismissive of her complaint and walked off while she was still talking to him.’
    contemptuous, disdainful, scornful, sneering, snide, scathing, disparaging, negative, unenthusiastic, offhand, perfunctory
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