Definition of disloyalty in English:



  • [mass noun] The quality of not being loyal to a person, country, or organization; unfaithfulness:

    ‘an accusation of disloyalty and betrayal’
    • ‘It has been a cancer in the Labor Party, this disloyalty.’
    • ‘By your historically unprecedented disloyalty, you have betrayed our trust.’
    • ‘The cocaine trade being so lucrative, it encouraged disloyalty and betrayal.’
    • ‘As a father himself he finds such disloyalty and betrayal completely unacceptable.’
    • ‘The death and torture camps, barbaric prisons for political opponents and routine beatings for anyone suspected of disloyalty are well documented.’
    unfaithfulness, infidelity, inconstancy, faithlessness, fickleness, unreliability, untrustworthiness, breach of trust, breach of faith, betrayal, falseness, false-heartedness, falsity
    duplicity, double-dealing, treachery, perfidy, perfidiousness, treason, subversion, sedition, dissidence
    back-stabbing, two-timing
    hollow-heartedness, punic faith, recreancy
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