Definition of disintegration in English:



mass noun
  • 1The process of losing cohesion or strength.

    ‘the twin problems of economic failure and social disintegration’
    • ‘A riveting seminar held yesterday by the Centre for Policy Studies in London on the subject of breaking the poverty cycle threw up some startling insights into social disintegration in Britain.’
    • ‘Communism was contained in the eastern half of the continent where it could undergo a slow process of disintegration.’
    • ‘Inequality correlates closely with several indicators of social and political disintegration, suggesting that the broader well-being of the nation is affected by wide disparities in income between the rich and poor.’
    • ‘Scholars debate the causes of the collapse, but they are in general agreement that it was a gradual process of disintegration rather than a sudden dramatic event.’
    • ‘This was an integral part of the process of disintegration, and marked the significance of the 1962-1965 period.’
    • ‘The presentation started to focus on the process of disintegration of the former USSR.’
    • ‘These types of sovereignty may be lost or limited by disintegration of a state, conquest or, more typically today, by binding agreements with other states.’
    • ‘The standing army was in the process of disintegration as lower ranking officers defected to the opposition.’
    • ‘The second policy presumes that crimes derive from social disintegration and poverty.’
    • ‘His music was constantly described in terms of personal hysteria or the social disintegration of pre-1914 Europe.’
    • ‘No hazards are greater, however, than a continuance of the present process of disintegration in Germany - political, material, social and spiritual.’
    • ‘Furthermore, some states are still in the process of disintegration.’
    • ‘Another disturbing trend is the apparently widespread disintegration of social and family ties.’
    • ‘Richards and her followers believed that the application of science to domestic problems could save society from the social disintegration they saw at the turn of the century.’
    • ‘Distribution of ‘surplus’ grain may well be needed to deal with the emergencies generated by war, civil disintegration, and natural disasters.’
    • ‘He warned that ‘even here the process of disintegration has commenced.’’
    • ‘According to her, the most critical issue facing Bali is ‘the potential for social conflict and disintegration stemming from a lack of human security’.’
    • ‘The potato constituted the main dietary staple for most Irish and when the blight struck a number of successive harvests social and economic disintegration ensued.’
    • ‘Societal beliefs, social isolation, community disintegration, stressful life events, mental illness and substance abuse must all be addressed in prevention.’
    • ‘By that stage the Manchester scrum was in the process of complete disintegration and left the referee with no option but to award a penalty try and give Ribb a 10-3 lead.’
    fiasco, failure, catastrophe, disaster, mess, wreck, ruin
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  • 2The process of coming to pieces.

    ‘the disintegration of infected cells’
    • ‘During fruit softening, pectins and hemicelluloses typically undergo solubilization and depolymerization that are thought to contribute to cell wall loosening and disintegration.’
    • ‘The board said that one major piece of foam and at least two minor pieces fell off the shuttle, struck the wing, and ultimately led to its disintegration.’
    • ‘It's pretty clear that nothing untoward precipitated the disintegration of the Columbia spaceshuttle upon its re-entry.’
    • ‘Had the foam hit, it could have caused the same type of damage that led to the disintegration of the shuttle Columbia over Texas on February 1, 2003.’
    • ‘In 1988, just 11 ounce were enough to blow a hole in the fuselage of Flight 103 and cause the aircraft's disintegration, killing 270 people.’
    • ‘A longer-term effect would be if the disintegration led to a meltdown of the grounded West Antarctic ice sheet, which would cause the world's oceans to rise by up to 5 metres.’
    • ‘We have the disintegration of the shuttle orbiter.’
    • ‘Aerenchyma is formed by cell separation or selective cell death and disintegration.’
    • ‘Remember two-and - a-half years ago, a piece of debris struck the left wing and was a fatal breach that ultimately let to the disintegration of the vehicle and the loss of the crew.’
    • ‘To add a little spice to the mission, the teams are also running a competition to see who can most accurately predict - in the event of cometal disintegration - the paths of any pieces during the 1000 solar orbits after impact.’
    • ‘Their lack of a cell wall often results in disintegration or severe distortion when preserved, so they must be examined live for any possible identification.’
    • ‘Necrosis is a spontaneous and unregulated process that results in disintegration of the cell membrane and its organelles.’
    • ‘The history of the universe in its periodic passage from evolution to dissolution is conceived as a biological process of gradual and relentless deterioration, disintegration, and decay.’
    • ‘Loss of red cells into the subcutaneous tissue, followed by their disintegration, causes the brown color change in the skin (nemosidcrin deposits).’
    • ‘In some cases, germ cells appeared to be in various stages of disintegration.’
    1. 2.1Physics A process in which a nucleus or other subatomic particle emits a smaller particle or divides into smaller particles.
      • ‘The disintegration of the nucleus produces one alpha particle.’
      • ‘A nucleus can find itself in an excited state when, for example, it has just been created through the disintegration of another radioactive nucleus.’
      • ‘Homocysteine also causes DNA strand breakage, resulting in mitochondrial membrane damage, nuclear disintegration, and apoptosis of neuronal cells.’
      • ‘There is radon gas in uranium mines because the disintegration of uranium leads to radium, which then forms radon as shown in the equation above.’
      • ‘The implant is electrically isolated from active participation in the electrolytic disintegration which occurs when a current is applied to the wire.’
      • ‘A disintegration per second is also known as a Becquerel (Bq).’
      wearing away, abrasion, scraping away, grinding down, crumbling, wear and tear, weathering, dissolving, dissolution
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