Definition of disinherit in English:



  • Change one's will or take other steps to prevent (someone) from inheriting one's property:

    ‘the Duke is seeking to disinherit his eldest son’
    • ‘What if you are disinherited and then cast aside?’
    • ‘‘The day you marry my daughter,’ Clarence Mackay allegedly told Berlin, ‘I'll disinherit her.’’
    • ‘Do you disinherit your kids or do you embrace your kids?’
    • ‘Because he was poor, she was disinherited and after he died, she ended up here.’
    • ‘Indeed, the final volume centers on Orlando's search for a lost will and his legal challenge to a will that has disinherited his family.’
    • ‘Soon he's disinherited, cast out of his ancestral home and off to live in seclusion in a Paris warehouse, where he prepares drafts of his next book while his feral sister attends to his needs.’
    • ‘When she'd decided to marry Arial's father her parents had disinherited her, angry that she hadn't agreed to marry the more suitable man they were pushing her towards.’
    • ‘Entire nations are condemned to wander as disinherited immigrants, mortal illnesses hover over humanity, and terrorism lurks.’
    • ‘Oh, Adele left me - as I always half expected she would - after Rochester disinherited me.’
    • ‘When she learns of the secret engagement, she disinherits Edward, making Robert the eldest son.’
    • ‘But Mell had said the Marquise had married a common man, and that she was disinherited for it.’
    • ‘When he found me not interested in the idea of his being my dad, he actually disinherited me.’
    • ‘His daughter was disinherited, and what little was left of Lovelace's possessions passed to his godsons.’
    • ‘This argument is misleading and cannot justify selectively disinheriting women.’
    • ‘It wouldn't matter if she was disinherited for failing to make her husband-to-be sign the papers or for marrying without her family's blessing.’
    • ‘Second of all, it would be the death nail of your political future and third of all, I will disinherit you.’
    • ‘By making a will containing such provisions as you see fit and ensuring your estate consists of heritable property only, you can disinherit your children.’
    • ‘As a consequence, Nicholas became disinherited by his mother's family.’
    • ‘His indignant parents promptly disinherited him, and Joly went to work as a secretary to put him through medical school.’
    • ‘You actually wanted my uncle to disinherit you?’
    cut someone out of one's will, cut off, dispossess, impoverish
    disown, repudiate, renounce, reject, oust, cast off, cast aside, wash one's hands of, have nothing more to do with, turn one's back on
    cut off without a penny
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Late Middle English (superseding earlier disherit): from dis- (expressing removal) + inherit in the obsolete sense ‘make someone an heir’.