Definition of disillusionment in English:



mass noun
  • A feeling of disappointment resulting from the discovery that something is not as good as one believed it to be.

    ‘the high abstention rate at the election reflected the voters' growing disillusionment with politics’
    • ‘I worried that discovering Diana might be a journey of disillusionment, a glimpse of a fading star.’
    • ‘The university has given me one thing I will forever hold dear though: disillusionment.’
    • ‘I believe that disillusionment is because people don't feel that sense of ownership with the Parliament.’
    • ‘In Frazer's case we can, I think, see how this process of disillusionment has come about.’
    • ‘They spoke of the widespread disillusionment with the current government.’
    • ‘This disillusionment is the product of disruptive economic change in many areas of rural Australia.’
    • ‘The level of public disillusionment must not be underestimated.’
    • ‘Perhaps they will turn away in disillusionment, as if such discord mocks all meaning.’
    • ‘Disappointment and disillusionment are as much enemies as the opposing candidates.’
    • ‘And how many staff will leave their jobs through sheer disillusionment before someone takes some action?’
    • ‘But he cannot explain why he did not step down before May 1 despite his disillusionment with the group.’
    • ‘The German invasion was soon followed by growing disillusionment, frustration, and discontent.’
    • ‘We hammered at the doors and used any tools that life offered us to carve words of hatred, ignorance and disillusionment in the stone walls.’
    • ‘There is, as you might imagine, widespread disillusionment with the government.’
    • ‘There is disillusionment on the part of the community and frustration on the part of the parents.’
    • ‘How did such a sense of ownership and hope turn to radical disillusionment in three years?’
    • ‘For boredom and disillusionment come easier to those who have everything and more.’
    • ‘Human nature dictates that if people are kept waiting too long, disillusionment takes over.’
    • ‘And there, deep in the soul of this charming man, was a solid core of disillusionment.’
    • ‘I am not at all disillusioned, but I talked about disillusionment in one of my classes this week.’