Definition of dishlicker in English:



  • A greyhound, especially as a racing dog.

    ‘he'd put the money on a dishlicker’
    • ‘There are laws that deal with barking and pooing on common property that could see poochy sent down the road faster than a dishlicker at Wentworth Park.’
    • ‘It's a sort of eBay for horse racing—and of course the trots and the dishlickers—which matches up punters and odds on the Internet like buyers and sellers.’
    • ‘He is better known in dishlicker circles for his connection with Locket.’
    • ‘There is a consensus that the dishlickers are a vaguely corrupt scion of the racing world, but nothing could be further from the truth.’
    • ‘He makes the obligatory trip to the famous greyhound track to talk to the camera while the dishlickers go around in the background.’
    • ‘I suggest they leave it to the trots or the dishlickers and go for a toned-down alternative.’
    • ‘One dog chased the real bunny, while the other seven dopey dishlickers chased the fake one’
    • ‘Yesterday, the dishlickers were doing trials where we were staying, and I had never been that close up to them racing before.’
    • ‘He has $25 million for the trots and dishlickers and $200,000 for some stupid reality TV show.’
    • ‘After losing a fortune on the dishlickers, he found his radio had been nicked, and when he went to the car park to go home, he found his car had been pinched too!’


1950s: from dish + licker.