Definition of disfigurement in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action of spoiling the appearance of something or someone; defacement.

    ‘the disfigurement of this very pleasant area’
    • ‘Chang first came to Taiwan in 1992 to receive treatment for disfigurement caused by the disease.’
    • ‘Left untreated, skin cancer can cause disfigurement or death.’
    • ‘And it doesn't leave a visible scar, but it creates what I call psychic disfigurement.’
    • ‘Left untreated, fixed cutaneous sporotrichosis can eventually lead to scarring and disfigurement.’
    • ‘And in contrast to the claims by Walker, no evidence of deliberate disfigurement of the bodies was found.’
    • ‘It was his way of preparing me for a life of disfigurement.’
    • ‘Also, because these burns involve the face and head, long lasting disfigurement can result.’
    • ‘He was also blinded in his right eye, lost some of his hearing and suffered severe facial disfigurement.’
    • ‘A new type of disfigurement has come to Britain's towns and villages.’
    • ‘I suppose I was too young to contemplate dying, but the notion of disfigurement was devastating.’
    • ‘Side effects include hair loss and disfigurement.’
    • ‘More than this, it was the emotional pain of disfigurement which was most traumatic.’
    • ‘Scully relates his own experience with post-fight disfigurement.’
    • ‘They can also rupture, causing pain and disfigurement.’
    • ‘Their disfigurement has become a sign of Maori protest.’
    • ‘Bonding need not require genital disfigurement.’
    • ‘When we assure them that there will be no disfigurement, they relent.’
    • ‘Angioedema tends to occur on the face and may cause significant disfigurement.’
    • ‘Hardy also pays attention to the decay and disfigurement in the woods.’
    • ‘These little objects are about engorgement to the point of disfigurement.’
    defacement, spoiling, scarring, mutilation, damage, damaging, vandalizing, ruin
    blemish, flaw, defect, imperfection, discoloration, blotch
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    1. 1.1 Something which spoils the appearance of someone or something; a blemish.
      ‘a severe facial disfigurement’
      • ‘This was an ironic disfigurement given that he was famous for his big mouth.’
      • ‘The fact is that most people don't have an artificial limb, just as most people don't have facial disfigurements.’
      • ‘Your GP can prescribe camouflage creams to mask disfigurement of the skin.’
      • ‘A girl born with a severe facial disfigurement has endured 18 operations over 14 years to transform the way she looks.’
      • ‘I mean, absent the facial disfigurement, you would say he looks pretty good.’
      • ‘He could hide his disfigurement with a large Band-Aid.’
      • ‘Given the choice of life or a facial disfigurement, for most people there is only one answer.’
      • ‘However, he was, aside from his disfigurement, a healthy, lively, sporty, friendly and very bright child.’
      • ‘I was sure it would come back after I had been left alone with my disfigurement for a while.’
      • ‘It is no longer considered frivolous or vain to want to correct a blemish or facial disfigurement.’
      • ‘Patients may also feel that their facial disfigurement lessens their sexual desirability or impedes their career advancement.’
      • ‘From then on, Chloe wore a green turban to hide her disfigurement.’
      • ‘The impact of visible disfigurements, especially hair loss, is one of the most common side effects of cancer treatment.’
      • ‘If she decides that she does not want to have a child with a facial disfigurement, that is her business.’
      • ‘Nobody has poor teeth or ugly hair or physical disfigurement of any kind.’
      • ‘At one point, her character turns away from Jonathan out of embarrassment of her disfigurement.’
      • ‘Byron, lame with a club foot, adored swimming, although he always wore trousers to conceal his disfigurement.’
      • ‘Two years later we adopted a girl who had a slight facial disfigurement.’
      • ‘Current technologies can help people with serious disfigurements.’
      • ‘The loss of an eye can be traumatic especially because of the disfigurement it causes.’