Definition of disentomb in English:



  • Remove (something) from a tomb.

    ‘a mummy which we saw disentombed’
    figurative ‘he disentombed a great part of the early history of England’
    • ‘On 5 October 1999 remains were disentombed from a mausoleum crypt in Ohio.’
    • ‘The hypothesis that Babylon was ruled by an Aryan dynasty was strictly contradicted by Berosus and the records disentombed from the ruins.’
    • ‘Close to Rumeilah stands the first Iron Age construction, disentombed on a large scale in the UAE.’
    • ‘The same method, it is understood, has been applied to the deciphering of the cuneiform records recently disentombed from the ruins of Nineveh.’
    • ‘At length, after being lost for more than two thousand years, the city was disentombed.’
    • ‘The earth was equally pitiless towards the dead in their graves: the sepulchers opened, and the buried were disentombed.’
    • ‘This particular horsedrawn vehicle lay neglected for decades before being disentombed from its dark hiding place in 1996.’
    • ‘We have to disentomb the remains of the Thebes and the Ninevehs to get at the history of their ancient monarchs.’
    • ‘So many fossil links have been disentombed that he has had to alter the whole classification, and has placed certain Pachyderms in the same sub-order with ruminants.’
    • ‘Some of the earlier burials were disentombed and reburied in the new site, but many were left in unmarked graves.’
    • ‘The barley grew up undisturbed till the month was accomplished, and, at the expiration of that time, hundreds of people thronged to be present at the disentombing of the fakeer.’
    • ‘The mortal remains of the Prince and his next of kin and fellow exiles were then disentombed and returned to their homeland to be reburied in worthy graves.’
    • ‘I leaned over with breathless anxiety while the Indians worked, and an eye, an ear, a foot, or a hand was disentombed.’
    • ‘After several months disentombing, 500 pieces of culture relics were discovered in about 2,000 square meters.’
    • ‘A few minutes sufficed to disentomb the skeleton, for the men sympathised with their young comrade, and worked with all their energies.’
    dig up, excavate, exhume, disinter, bring to the surface, mine, quarry, pull out, root out, scoop out, unbury
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