Definition of disenable in English:


Pronunciation /dɪsɪˈneɪb(ə)l//dɪsɛˈneɪb(ə)l/


  • Deprive of the ability or capacity to do something.

    ‘if we can get the communication system, we can possibly disenable their whole force’
    • ‘He claims the lack of leadership in the business and political world is due to an obsession with populism, which is disenabling the whole system.’
    • ‘The penalties of the act were, that the printer for the first offence should be disenabled from exercising his respective trade.’
    • ‘How you deal with a case where a person disenables themselves by their own conduct so as arguably to remove from themselves the criminal intent that is necessary for the crime.’
    • ‘Sin is like many other distempers, that put the mouth out of taste so as to disenable it from distinguishing good and wholesome food from bad.’
    • ‘The Government found itself in a compromised position which has disenabled it from enforcing tough methods to rid society of these notorious law-breakers.’
    put out of action, disable, prevent from moving, prevent from working, make inoperative, render inactive, inactivate, deactivate, paralyse, cripple
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